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Have you always hated home workout, probably because they seem tasking? To you, they seem so ineffective because you always find it challenging to get “in the zone.” The answer to your challenges is to get a workout machine.

We all know that any exercise, either at home or at the gym if done correctly, can reap an amazing result. So, doing workouts at home is not the issue; the issue is most probably because you don’t have the necessary equipment.

But, that’s what the Wonder Core Smart exercise machine is made for.

Wonder Core Smart detailed review

What is Wonder Core Smart?

The Wonder Core is a new revolutionary fitness breakthrough machine designed to strengthen your core. It does it like a laser will do by focusing on your lower, middle, and lower abs, and entire body oblique.

It’s adequate to get you the strong and sexy six-pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Aside from that, Wonder Core Smart does so much more for you because it is 6-1 exercise equipment. It combines six-grade plus cardio exercises to give you the ultimate body calories workout that you need.

Wonder Core Smart calories workout

It’s such a portable and compact machine, yet it allows you to work out your arms, legs, core, etc. Take this warning; you’re going to feel the pressure on your muscle the day after you use it for the first time.

By design, the Wonder Core Smart uses cleverly hidden interlocking springs combined with precision dials placed on both sides of the machine. The precision dial offers adjustable workout resistance of between 24lbs to 4lbs and delivers it to both sides of the machine.

Because the precision dials deliver the same resistance on both sides, it allows you to work in both directions for each rep. So, your muscle gets the fire all through the motion. In a few minutes of workout daily, it gives you a total core workout.

Compared to the traditional workout routine in a University lab test; Wonder Core Smart was proven to be more than one hundred percent effective. Not only is it effective, but it was said to be easy and more fun to use.

So, whether you’re big or small, young or old, the Wonder Core Smart is a one-size-fits-all machine. You only need to dial in the exact workout that you want by twisting the precision up for more resistance or down for more resistance. Now, you can get the body you’ve always wanted quickly and effectively.

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Features of the Wonder Core Smart

Wonder Core Smart manufacturer says that it is a perfect fit for beginners as well as professionals. Are you wondering why that is so? The answer is in the features of the Wonder Core Smart which include.

Fully Assembled

The disadvantage of most workout equipment is the fact that you may have to figure out how to assemble them for use after purchase. However, the main feature of most smart workout tools is the assembly system.

The Wonder Core Smart is not an exception in this case. It is a fully assembled workout tool as it does not require you to pick up tools to couple any of its parts together.

Foldable Parts

One of the significant advantages of the Wonder Core Smart is that it allows you to work out at whatever time of the day and when you want to. That’s because the machine is foldable! This feature makes Wonder Core Smart useful and wonderful to use.

Compact and Portable

One major point of concern when you’re considering the option of buying most home gym equipment is their bulky nature. You wonder where to keep them and if you have enough space in your home.

But, the Wonder Core Smart gives you no such problem. It does not require too much space to store and to use. Its wider parts are designed to fold into the main body after use. Therefore, you can store it anywhere in your home without anyone noticing.

Wonder Core Easy to Storage Design

Three Resistance Levels

The resistance levels of the workout equipment determine the effectiveness of your workout sessions. For Wonder Core Smart, you have up to three resistance level settings from which to choose.

The precision dials on both sides of the machine allow you to set the resistance level. Therefore, the machine is designed for people of all ages and sizes.

precision dials of Wonder Core Smart

Allows Over Six Muscle-burning Exercises

While the Wonder Core Smart is mainly designed to strengthen your core, you can do more with it. It offers more than six different workout moves, such as

  • Sit Up
  • Bridge
  • Forearm & Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Push Up

some of which include moves that target your forearms, triceps, and biceps, and abs.

So, with this one gym equipment, you can get in shape in different areas of the body in the comfort of your home.

Wonder Core Smart Six Muscle burning Exercises

Workout DVD

You will get an additional DVD and a nutritional guide. Therefore, how to handle or use the smart machine should be a thing of concern for you; you have everything well written in the guide.

You can also watch the attached DVD videos to learn how to go about the various workout moves you can perform on the Wonder Core Smart.

Nutritional Guide

The workout becomes ineffective when you don’t watch your diet because of your workout session and the nutritional routine goes pari-passu.

That’s why the Wonder Core Smart comes with a nutrition manual that guides you about things to eat and things to avoid. Effectiveness is the goal when you purchase the Wonder Core Smart.

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Benefits of Wonder Core Smart

By now, you don’t have to doubt Wonder Core Smart’s ability anymore. We have clearly stated above; how that it’s one of the best home gym equipment to strengthen your core and get the perfect ads, the one you’ve always desired.

However, maybe you need more conviction as to why you should get the equipment then, here it is;

Perfect for home gym users

If you do your exercises at home and one of your goals is to build abs, the Wonder Core Smart is perfect.

If you have several other exercise equipment like weights, bench, treadmill, etc., adding the Wonder Core Smart should not be a problem; since it’s portable and can fit perfectly into a small space.

Besides, it’s the perfect equipment to strengthen your abs and offer other workout stuff as well.

Forget Gym Membership

Gym membership is how most people try to keep themselves in shape and maintain the kind of body they desire. However, there are several problems associated with gym membership. One of the major problems includes the chances for consistency.

Your gym membership, as good as it is to have one, will not yield a result if you don’t stay consistent. Having to leave home to the gym most times is a discouragement to consistency.

That’s why most people prefer home workout sessions. It encourages consistency, and with equipment like Wonder Core Smart, you get the same result as those with a gym membership.

Knowing that you can invest a one-time payment on Wonder Core Smart and get long-term access, anywhere and anything you need, is enough motivation for exercise.

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For Recovering Back to Fitness

Wonder Core Smart has quickly become the go-to home exercise machine for people just recovering or needing light but regular physio. It offers access to the needed equipment at an affordable price.

Great for Arthritis

If you do have neck pain and lower back pain, that’s arthritis. Don’t waste your time anymore; get the Wonder Core Smart.

It’s highly recommended to help you work your neck and back till you recover from back and neck pain.

wonder core exercises for back pain

Some other Wonder Core Smart options

There are several similar home gym products on the market. They offer almost the same benefits and function in almost the same way. Let’s discuss some of the other options and why Wonder Core Smart may be the better option.

Wonder Core Smart vs Core Max

The Wonder Core Max Workout System is another excellent exercise equipment specifically designed for a home gym. It is an upgraded version of the Wonder Core Smart machine. However, there are no big differences between the two as the Wonder Core Smart can do most of the things you’ll like to try with Wonder Core Max.

Wonder Core SmartCore Max
Designed to target your entire coreProvides a total body workout
Targets the forearms, biceps, triceps as well as the absTargets your abs, glutes, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps
Designed to use spring resistance with nutritional guide and exercise manual as an additionUses spring resistance and comes with an exercise manual and nutritional guide.

Those are some of the similarities and differences of the Wonder Core Smart and Wonder Core Max. The differences are not so spectacular, but the Wonder Core Max goes for about $130 while the Wonder Core Smart will cost you only about $90.

So, the cost of the product is the major determinant for many. If you’re working with a budget, then the Wonder Core Smart is the best option, and you can be sure you’ll get the best value for your money.

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Wonder Core vs Wonder Core II

The wonder core II has been praised by many fitness enthusiasts as workout equipment that provides a next-generation type of exercise. Because it also works, many have considered it to be a better asset compared to Wonder Core Smart.

While this can be considered correct, we must also put the fact that Wonder Core II is more bulky workout equipment and more of a rowing machine. If you’re only looking for simple abs strengthening exercises, investing in the Wonder Core Smart seems to be the smart option.

Wonder Core SmartWonder Core II
Offer a 6-in-1 exercises experienceIt’s a 12-in-1 workout machine
Very easy to use as it doesn’t require any setupSlightly easy to use with an instruction manual and 30-minute workout video.
Designed to use spring resistance with nutritional guide and exercise manual as an additionUses eight pulley systems with plush hand grips

Without a doubt, Wonder Core II is an effective fitness machine. It is not one of the overhyped fitness equipment available in the present-day market.

However, it is not simple enough when you compare it with the Wonder Core Smart. You do not need unique places to engage the Wonder Core smart as opposed to the amount of space you need when using the Wonder Core II.

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The Wonder Core Smart is not one of those fluke fitness equipment. It works when you use it within the confines of its design.

However, it’s a significant downside that it’s not a one-in-all machine, and it’s only best for strengthening the abs.

If you like to do more, you might need to look at other home gym equipment. But, within the context of its 6-in-1 necessary home exercise, the Wonder Core Smart is one of the affordable tools to get.

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