Weider Ultimate Body Works Review – All-In-On Fitness Machines

Training at home is easier with the Weider Ultimate Body Works. Based on an adjustable incline bench with pulleys, the fitness machine provides a single solution for full-body workouts. The rolling seat supports various exercises such as squats. But the additional cables work the upper body with an added resistance of up to 50lbs.

Apart from offering simple use without needing the supervision of a personal trainer, it’s also made to be practical for small homes. It folds flat which means the fitness machine slides under the bed when you’re done with the workout. But there are plenty of other reasons to consider it as the only trainer for strength and mobility at home.

The main advantage of this workout bench over its direct competitors is its affordability. Being sold at a low price makes it very attractive to those new to home training. Without saving too much, users access a versatile machine that can replace dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and other equipment with this all-in-one trainer.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works features

  • Telescoping design with height-adjustable incline bench
  • Rolling seat to support a wide range of upper and lower body exercises
  • Included free-motion cables with various levels of resistance
  • 250lbs user weight limit
  • Supports more than 50 various exercises
  • Space-saver fold-flat design
  • Covered by a 90-day warranty

Weider Ultimate Body Works features

The fitness machine comes with a minimum list of exercises. You can get inspiration for your workouts from these exercises. But the most appealing part of these routines is they allow progressive overload for extra workout intensity. The higher the bench sits, the more difficult certain exercises are to perform. However, you’ll first need to assemble the machine as it comes in a box.

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How to assemble the Weider Ultimate Body Works

It takes around an hour to assemble the fitness machine yourself. This is not complicated as it already includes an illustrated user’s manual. For most users, it is also a good time to understand how the machine works based on its practical design.

First, you need to assemble the frame. Support legs are added to the metal frame. Once you connect the support legs, you’ll need to add the 4 stabilizers on the 2 support legs. They keep the machine in place even when sitting on a slippery surface such as tile.

The bungee cords are then connected to the bottom of the frame. Once they are connected, users need to add the footplate which is used for exercises such as squats.

Weider ultimate body works free-motion cables

The handles of the bungee cords need to be added on the other side of the machine. This is where users need to connect the handlebar for exercises such as hanging leg raises as well. Once the frame and the cables are connected, you can add the padded backrest.

Those who want to skip the installation completely can have the Ultimate Body Works installed at home through the Amazon Installation Services. The assembly process can take up to a few hours. However, those choosing professional assemblies are going to benefit from a properly put together home gym.

Weider ultimate body works exercises

But the most interesting part is found in the workouts. Users of various ages perform different exercises to stay in shape or to gain strength and muscle definition. The exercises can be split in the chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms, and abs groups.

Chest exercises

Chest exercises are very popular at the gym. But gyms have fixed-position benches to work on. Weider’s fitness machine requires the user to sit and to perform the exercises similarly to cable chest flyes at the gym. The higher the bench is raised, the more force is needed to perform the exercises.

But the added benefit of height adjustability also activates various chest fibers. For example, upper and lower chest muscles can be trained simply by changing the angle of the rolling bench.

Weider ultimate body works chest exercises

Back exercises

Back exercises are also easier on such a versatile fitness machine. A simple method of training major back muscles is with pull-ups. To perform a pull-up on the Ultimate Body Works, users lay on the belly and grab the fixed handlebars.

All pulling movements benefit from the reduced impact on the spine since the user lays on the bench during this exercise. In other words, even those with back pain may still do pull-ups which are among the best exercises for a stronger back.

Shoulder exercises

The upright row is one of the favorites among shoulder exercises. Weider recommends this exercise on its workout bench. From a seated position, users grab and pull the cable upwards. This lifts the bench, creating extra resistance. The exercise can be performed in sets, just like all other exercises.

Legs exercises

There are major and minor legs exercises to activate with this workout bench. Squats are among the most popular options. This exercise protects the back as the users lay on the bench while having the feet grounded on the footplate.

To perform squats on the machine, users always need to have the footplate installed. Similarly to a Smith Machine mechanism, users perfume squats by bending and straightening the knees with the back against the backrest.

Weider ultimate body works legs exercises

Once the squats are done, the footplate can remain or be removed from the home gym. Removing it usually opens up space for extra exercises. Removing the foot platform allows users to perform exercises for other muscle groups such as the abs with exercises like knee raises to activate and strengthen core muscles.

Arms exercises

The arms need proper activation to increase strength and mobility. Users who have no arms’ strength at all can also use the fitness machine. Lowering the bench to a nearly flat position is a good place to start.

Laying on the bench facing the fixed handlebars, users perform biceps curls. These are performed by grabbing 2 out of the 4 cables of the machine. 2 cables have less resistance while the other 2 are thicker and they add up to 50lbs extra resistance on all exercises.

Triceps extensions are also fun to perform on the fitness bench. Based on the laying position on the backrest, users can pull the cables downwards to perform the exercises. If the elbows are bent and in a fixed position, this exercise solely targets the triceps. But it can also turn into a lats-activation exercise. To do this, users simply pull with the hands straightened instead of bending the elbows. The higher the backrest is adjusted, the more these 2 exercises get.

Abs exercises

Simple and advanced abs exercises can be performed on the fitness machine. There is a range of exercises detailed in the Weider Ultimate Body Works exercises chart which can be found online. Among them, the kneeling plank is the most advanced.

Weider ultimate body works abs exercises

This exercise requires the users to kneel on the backrest facing the footrest. Then, users grab the footrest and perform a plank going upwards. This complex exercise works the core’s stabilizing muscles. But it also activates the muscles in the arms and the legs.

Twisting abs exercises can also be performed on the fitness machine. Sitting on the side of the bench, users pull the 2 pulleys with their hands together. This twisting movement can be performed both on the left and on the right side of the bench to target both sides of the core muscles.

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The main benefits of Weider ultimate body works

In total, there are around 50 exercises that can be performed on the Ultimate Body Works. However, given the possible variations of each exercise, this number can be a lot higher. Those who want to maximize fitness results on the fitness bench need to include exercises for all muscle groups.

The average workout time is generally short on the fitness trainer. Since it activates multiple muscle groups within a single exercise, its known for its demanding nature. But its practicality is given by the height adjustment of the bench. Those without fitness experience are going to train with the bench in a horizontal position. But as they progress, the bench can be adjusted higher for extra resistance.

Weider ultimate body works adjustable incline training

Since the bench is used at home, users can also train in front of a TV. There are various online videos detailing workout plans on the bench. Those who want to get in shape can train better simply by following the exercises of the fitness machine published online.

A few drawbacks of Weider ultimate body works

There are not too many drawbacks to such a versatile fitness bench. However, those expecting a lightweight bench may need to look elsewhere. At 75 pounds, the bench is not the lightest in its class. Since there are no casters to move it around, users need to raise it and carry it around the house.

Another problem some users have pointed out is with the exercise examples. Not all of the 50 exercises are printed. The most important exercises are found in the box. But a printable Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercise PDF list is available online.

Weider ultimate body works setup instructions

Assembling the fitness machine is not complicated, as seen above. However, there are a few other considerations when preparing the machine for any workout.

Ensuring clear space around the fitness machine

Even if most exercises are seated, the fitness machine requires a bit of space around it. Users need to ensure there’s plenty of room not to incur any accidents around the house. Apart from having free space in front and the back, there needs to be clearance to the sides as well. Exercises such as the seated chest cable press require extra lateral clearance.

Another issue with training at home is finding a perfectly flat area to place the workout bench on. Its stability is a matter of safety. The manufacturer doesn’t tell the users not to place the workout bench on carpets. But for the best stability, users should ideally place the bench on clear cement, tile or hardwood floors.

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Weider ultimate body works vs other home gyms

Compared to Total Gym Fit

Total Gym Fit is a bit more robust. Made with commercial-grade materials, it handles higher weights of up to 450lbs. As a result, it may be a better option for overweight users. But at the same time, it’s also considerably more expensive. If Wider’s Ultimate Body Works costs around $150, Total Gym Fit costs around $1,000. This prices it out of the possibilities of the average home user.

Compared to Total Gym XLS

The XLS version of the Total Gym is a bit more affordable but still more expensive than Ultimate Body Works. Resistance adjustments are the same compared to Weider’s fitness machine.

But the main difference which puts Total Gym in front when it comes to quality is the lifetime warranty on the frames. Weider only covers the product with a 90-day warranty.

Compared to Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym

The Total Body Works 500 comes in a different color and with different padding. If you’re seeking a bench to use every day, it can be a bit more robust and suitable for intense use. However, both of them cover the same number of exercises and they are available at a similar price.

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Final considerations

Weider’s fitness machine remains versatile and easy to use. It could have been perfect if it came with a printed exercise chart. But the good news is most users learn how to maximize their benefits rather fast.

Unlike most of its competitors, it’s also a few times cheaper. This means those who have a higher purchasing budget can solely rely on the machine with the option of purchasing other fitness equipment to use at home. This can include rather expensive dumbbells.

But a good yoga mat can also be purchased with the extra budget. Since many users of the versatile fitness machine have age-related mobility issues, a yoga mat can help with basic stretching movements before and after a workout.

With the added versatility of the high numbers of exercises to be performed on the Ultimate Body Works, users have access to full-body workouts. These training routines which target all major muscle groups in a single session improve cardiovascular health and help burn excess fat. The best part is the multi-trainer folds away when the workout is done.

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