Total Restore vs Lectin Shield For Gut Health

Total Restore is a supplement that fixes gut problems caused by plant-based proteins. Lectin Shield is a supplement that fixes a leaky gut. Both of these supplements can be used to promote a healthy digestive system.

When it comes to the health of your gut, there are plenty of problems you need to deal with. The main issue is that you don’t think about protecting your gut before facing various issues.

Gundry MD is a company that makes a wide range of supplements. Its Total Restore and Lectin Shield supplements are among its popular products that promote proper digestive health.

Total Restore vs Lectin Shield For Gut Health

The 3 benefits of Total Restore

This supplement aims to deal with all of the main causes of concern of a problematic gut that can be dealt with by using no medication. Largely based on natural ingredients, it has a formula that helps you restore your gut health, as its name suggests. This supplement is crucial for those struggling with gut health as it can restore it to a state of no digestive discomfort and no gut-caused fatigue.

It reduces gas and bloating

Total Restore is one of those products that aims to tackle the main problem of gut heath, gas. Those who suffer from excessive gas problems know just how problematic this can be. You can struggle to live a normal life and some even lose focus due to this issue.

benefits of Gundry MD Total Restore

One of the associated reactions of gas is excessive bloating. Bloating can be one of the causes of overall discomfort. It can come with reduced energy feelings and it certainly doesn’t help mobility either. Bloating causes are multiple but a gut that doesn’t work normally is one of the main issues that cause bloating regularly. While it’s normal to see bloating from time to time depending on the reactions or gut has on certain foods, it’s not normal to have to suffer from bloating constantly.

Helps control deviant food cravings

Another problem is one of the excessive food cravings which can be caused by a digestive system that isn’t working properly. Your gut can suffer and from there, you can be facing food cravings or feelings of hunger constantly.

It can take a while for people to realize their cravings aren’t normal. This is why Total Restore aims to balance these natural food cravings by putting your gut in its former natural balanced state. If you fail to tackle this problem, you might even be overeating which can cause weight gain and other health problems.

Improves feelings of energy

All of the symptoms and health issues listed above have one thing in common, they come with low energy. Both bloating and food cravings can change your perceived energy level. You might have a bad mood and you might even feel demoralized when these problems persist. The overall energy improvements with Total Restore are real, even if they vary from one person to another.

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Main ingredients of Total Restore

Main ingredients of Total Restore

But how does Total Restore work? We took a closer look at its list of ingredients. L-Glutamine is one of the main ingredients. This amino acid has a crucial role in the overall gut health and even in your body’s health as it supports multiple functions. Magnesium, grape seed extract, wormwood powder, cinnamon, strawberry extract, cloves, grapefruit extract, and zinc are among the main ingredients in the product. Most of these plant-based ingredients are seen in a wide range of supplements as they have benefits in other areas of health as well.

Total Restore is also a supplement known for its zinc and L-carnosine ingredients. Both of these ingredients are known to be some of the most important when it comes to gut health. Since your immune system depends on the health of your gut, you might even see the first benefits of these ingredients within an hour. Feelings of high energy and improved mood are also associated with the benefits of just these 2 ingredients in Total Restore.

The 3 main benefits of Lectin Shield

main benefits of Lectin Shield

If you want to eliminate lectins, you can consider Lectin Shield made by Gundry MD. Lectins are a type of plant-based protein that can cause digestive issues for some people. If you know this to be your case, Lectin Shield is another product mostly based on plant extracts to help fix your digestive system.

It promotes bathroom visits

One of the major issues with lectins is that they cause digestive issues for some people. The stomach simply can’t digest lectins and you may go to the bathroom too much due to a leaky gut or you may suffer from constipation as well.

But lectins can also be more aggressive in reactions. You can even go to the bathroom to vomit on a daily basis based on how your gut reacts to lectins.

Reduces bloating

One of the areas where Lectin Shield aims to improve is by reducing bloating. As seen above, lectin’s reactions can be very different but bloating is also among them. Since your body may not digest lectins, you might even suffer from excessive gas. Lectin Shield aims to normalize your gut in these areas with such discomforting reactions.

Controls extreme food cravings

Fixing your gut also involves controlling food cravings. Since there are plenty of ways to do this naturally, Lectin Shield comes with plant-based extracts that aim to control your cravings and to even make you feel brand new again as some people tend to abstain from eating due to their gut’s lectin reactions.

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Ingredients of Lectin Shield

  • Glucosamine from crab and shrimp is the main ingredient in Lectin Shield.
  • Manose, okra fruit extract, mucin, sodium, and vegetable peptidase are other important ingredients in this supplement.
  • Bladderwrack is sourced from seaweed and is known to bind to dangerous lectins.
  • Glucosamine also has a similar role, mainly binding to lectins from wheat which can be ingested through bread and pastry.

All of these ingredients together with okra and other extracts are made to bind to very specific types of lectins. The manufacturer of the supplement aims to cover a wide spectrum of lectins and their natural compounds that bind to them.

Total Restore vs Lectin Shield – which one to choose

Made for the weak gut, Total Restore is one of the products that can be used daily as a supplement for better health. You may have a weak gut due to various reasons such as improper food reactions or an aging impact on your digestion.

Lectin Shield aims to eliminate the unwanted effects lectins have on some people. This supplement is also used daily but its main priority is to diminish the side effects of lectins than to fix the overall gut problems you might be facing. With similar benefits, these health supplements are made for different groups of people.

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You can also choose Bio Complete 3

But what if you only want one supplement to promote gut health even before you face gastric problems? Bio Complete 3 by Gundry MD is the product to consider in this case. You can also consider Bio Complete 3 to improve a weak gut and to promote the feelings of low energy and low focus. It might even help you improve your mood.

Bio Complete 3 by Gundry MD

However, Bio Complete 3 comes with a different formula mainly containing prebiotics, post-biotics, and probiotics. They help you maintain a healthy immune system and they might even promote healthier digestion that helps you maintain a normal weight.

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Gut health supplements basiscs

Not all gut health supplements are made the same. But Gundry MD lists its ingredients and many come from plant sources or from fish. You always know what you’re supplementing with and these ingredients can be considered for other health benefits alongside fixing your gut issues. Some of them even take a little less than an hour to show benefits, even if it can take a bit longer in other cases. However, you should see benefits within 1 or 2 days in most situations.

Final words

Both Total Restore and Lectin Shield are products with high efficiency. As with probiotics, these gut health supplements are made for superior results in a short time. You can take multiple capsules per day but you cannot take more than the manufacturer recommends under the product guidelines.

If you’ve been suffering from gut health issues for a long time, you can consider these supplements to improve how you feel and how your digestion system reacts to certain foods. The supplements are not taken in perpetuity but they supplement your diet until your gut health returns to normal. If you’re simply looking for a product to prevent some of these issues altogether, you might need to take Bio Complete 3.

Most supplements can be taken without a doctor’s recommendation. However, to be sure your gut health is negatively impacted by lectins you need to program a doctor’s visit before taking Lectin Shield to ensure there are no other causes of gut discomfort in your case. Furthermore, you’ll also need to return to the doctor if the supplement is not working for you. Otherwise, these supplements aren’t known for any side effects. But just as the manufacturer recommends, you should stop taking them if you see no benefits.

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