Total Gym Workouts For Efficient Home Training

Total Gym workouts rarely need any other fitness equipment. Providing all the versatility need to stay in shape, users can rely on a Total Gym for the upper body, lower body, and core muscle training.

Today, when most people train at home, Total Gym workouts offer a complete training solution or they can be considered in adherence to other types of exercises.

Total Gym Workouts For Home Training

The benefits of Total Gym workouts

Using a Total Gym for home workouts certainly has its perks.

Not everybody is able to train at high frequency at home, where there’s limited space, and where most don’t have the budget to set up a full gym.

Regardless, there are a few good reasons to consider this type of training.

The benefits of Total Gym workouts

Burning calories

The home workout machine is suitable for anyone looking to burn calories quickly. Full-body workouts are sustained by the training system with its durable build.

Those new to training need to know these workouts which recruit all major muscle groups that are efficient at burning calories faster.

Total Gym workouts Chuck Norris follows are full-body as well.

For these workouts, users aim for at least one exercise which targets a specific muscle group.

Most Total Gym exercises already recruit multiple muscle groups which means it offers the highest efficiency in calorie burning.

Muscle building

Apart from burning body fat, Total Gym workouts build muscle.

Targeting specific muscle groups is still possible. But the overall aim of the home gym is to sculpt all muscles.

Even official presentation videos show the home gym is used to target all muscles in the same workout.

Strength gains

As a side-benefit of gaining muscle and losing fat, users also see considerable strength gains.

From more strength for daily tasks to improved posture and higher resistance to effort, the home gym has plenty of benefits, but only when used multiple times per week.

Flexibility gains

Since Total Gym is also used by a segment of elder users, the gains in flexibility are impressive.

From enhanced shoulder mobility and even to mobile hip flexors, there are reasons to consider the home gym even beyond the classic benefits of weight loss.

To combat the effects of aging on mobility, Total Gym can be one of the most versatile fitness machines.

Saving space

All home gyms from Total Gym are made to save space.

Unlike dumbbells, barbells, and fitness benches, users don’t need too much space or even a dedicated room to train at home.

The best part is the home gym folds flat and it can easily be stored behind a door or under the bed at the end of the workout to save space further.

Total gym workouts for beginners

Those new to Total Gym can choose their personal workout routines that suit their skill level.

At first, it’s best to stay true to the simplest exercises in the home gym.

A short workout can be complied with by the following exercises performed in repetitions of 10 in 4 sets each with sufficient resting time when moving to the next exercise.


The classic crunch is one of the best exercises to target abdominal muscles. Total Gym ab workouts are not complicated and they can be performed upside down for extra core activation. Using the leg rests, users, can start performing the crunches slowly until they are fully confident they can perform the workout safely.

Total Gym Workouts classic crunch


Rowing is a back-building movement. On the Total Gym Fit, this can be performed facing the vertical adjustment pole while sited. It allows users to set their own height as a method of adjusting intensity. For those who want to simply tone their backs and lats, it is performed fully controlled, by pulling both pulleys and lifting the sliding bench up.

Chest press

The chest press builds pectorals. It is permed from a similar position to the row, but facing the footplate this time. Users hold and press the cable of the home gym for up to 10 repetitions. The difficulty is increased by lifting one end of the home gym.


Squats are essential for building strong legs and defined glutes. Total Gym ab workouts can be bodyweight only. However, they can also be performed with added weight from around the house as an extra challenge. Users can hold on to a heavy book or other large objects to add extra resistance to this movement.

Total Gym 20-minute workout for a flat stomach

Total gym exercises to flatten the stomach is easy to perform. These workouts can be independent of other muscles and they can be considered purely for visible abs or simply for a flat stomach. Here’s a list of 5 exercises to consider.

Resisted crunch

The resisted crunch is one of the most popular exercises on a Total Gym. Seen in almost all of its commercials, it is efficient at building core strength. The movement requires the user to lie on the sitting area and perform a classic crunch with the extended arms while holding the 2 cables. This is then performed for multiple series.

Low leg pull in

The low leg pull inn requires users to sit upside down facing the Total Gym. Holding the footplate, users sit on the knees, pulling and pushing the sitting area up and down while maintaining the plank position. It’s among the exercises the easiest to perform with visible results both in terms of muscle shaping and in terms of strength gains.

Jackknife sit-up

Lying on the home gym with the legs on the leg rest and with arms extended up, users perform this classic crunch with controlled movements. This movement benefits from the cushioned sitting surface of the home gym as opposed to performing it on the floor.

Total Gym Workouts Jackknife sit-up

Side plank

Resting on the side on one elbow, users need to contract the core to maintain the plan. Then, to add a bit more resistance, users can raise the other hand above the head and then bring it back to the hip level. This extra movement during the plank challenges the user to maintain balance with extra core activation.

Total gym workout routine weight loss

Losing weight is one of the main objectives attributed to Total Gym training systems. Working the major muscles is the fastest method of burning more calories.

The following exercises can be part of any weight loss workout and it’s best to avoid very specific routines such as Total Gym upper body workouts only.

Total gym workout routine weight loss

Jumping squat

The traditional squat is one of the leading exercises to burn calories. But Total Gym can also be used for jumping squats. As their name suggests, these movements imply a very small jump (2-3 inches) after each deep squat. It helps to raise the pulse and even to improve the calorie-burning efficiency.

Incline chest fly

This movement is performed from a sitting position, facing the footrest. From here, the fly is performed by pulling and raising the 2 bands in front of the face but above the head. This targets the lower chest the most. To also target the upper chest, users lower the maximum pulling height to the face level.

Crossover row

This complex exercise has the user sitting and pulling the two cords above the chest. To perform the move, the elbows need to be raised above the shoulder level. As expected, the exercise can be easier or harder, depending on the set elevation of the home gym.

Hip extension

Lying sideways on the glideboard, users simply raise the upper leg to a 90-degree angle. When performed with a band, the exercise is considerably more difficult. Users need to pull the leg down to its starting position which activates the hip muscles even more. Anyone looking to lose weight or build glutes can start with this exercise.

Triceps extensions

While working triceps isn’t implying a major muscle group, toning the arms is also important in any weight loss Total Gym workout. As a result, it is a must-do exercise to look, fitter. Lying on the moving board on the back, users grab the 2 cables with elevated elbows. Without raising or lowering the elbows, users press the handles until the arms are straight. This puts all of the efforts on the triceps which need to develop the strength to perform the workout.

Total Gym Fit and Total Gym XLS workouts

Both Total Gym Fit and Total Gym XLS have a similar shape with an added footrest. They support all of the exercises listed above in 4 sets or 10 reps or even more.

With 12 or 6 levels of resistance, they change these exercises adding intensity the higher the moving board is anchored on these levels.

Since both home gyms arrive fully assembled, users can perform this workout from the first day.

Final Considerations

Total Gym workouts aren’t made just for a flat stomach. These workouts can be used for sculpted legs, defined backs, and toned arms.

Without a doubt, the full-body workout is the most helpful type of routine for weight Total Gym weight loss.

As a side benefit to all of these workouts, most users also say the improved mobility gains would have been difficult to achieve with other home gyms that solely target isolation exercises.

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