Total Gym Fit Reviews – Is It Right For You?

All Total Gym Fit reviews show their true capacity. The product exploded in popularity after it was reviewed by QVC.

Today, the home gym is used by thousands of users. Its versatility recommends it for muscle toning, losing weight, and even for gaining muscle.

Total Gym Fit Review

Part of its appeal is based on its simplicity. Shipped fully assembled, it can be used right out of the box.

But it also supports around 85 exercises and it offers a good return on investment.

As an all-in-one design, the Total Fit Gym for sale advertisements has increased. But is it worth it and can you use it for your health and fitness goals?

A quick assessment of the main Total Gym Fit Features

The Total Gym Fit parts support all types of features and exercises. A quick assessment should contour a better idea of what to expect when using the fitness machine.

High weight capacity

The increased weight capacity of the machine now reaches 450lbs. Its metal frame holds users of various weights. This can be one of the reasons why the machine is used by multiple family members. The versatile trainer can be used by men and women of all ages.

But its high weight capacity also means its materials are made to last. Maintenance is kept at a minimum. Most simply clean the machine from time to time to keep it free from bacteria.

Flexible nylon straps

The flexible nylon straps come with rugged plastic grips. They are used in all pulley exercises. These straps are used on all types of exercises such as rowing. Made to last, they are also easier to hold, as opposed to all-metal grips.

Padded glideboard

The padded glideboard adds comfort. It doesn’t turn users away as everybody feels comfortable regardless of the sitting position. Furthermore, many users feel inclined to try new exercises such as crunches based on the comfortable padded design of the glideboard.

Total Gym Fit Padded Glideboard

But this glideboard is also made to fully support the back for better ergonomics and correct posture in all exercises. This means it’s not small. The unfolded machine measures 93” in length.

While it requires sufficient space inside the home, it also supports the user regardless of personal height. This can be seen with exercises such as squats. The back lies against the glideboard completely. There’s even a headrest added to this board.

An ab crunch attachment is also included in the pack. It can be mounted on top of the home gym. It is here that the user places the elbows and holds the handlebars to perform gliding ab crunches. This type of exercise targets abdominal muscles. It’s also known to improve strength and posture. But coordination improvements are impressive with such exercises as well.

12 resistance levels

There’s no electronic resistance adjustment on the Total Gym Fit. Instead, the manufacturer uses gravity to adjust resistance levels. 12 adjustments can be made to the glideboard. Raising it increases the resistance. Exercising in a horizontal glideboard position comes with the least resistance.

total gym fit 12 resistance levels

These levels can be adjusted according to the strength of the individual. Some exercises can be performed with higher resistance levels. But they can also be adjusted according to personal fitness objectives.

Those who want to build muscle or those who seek muscle definition can exercise with higher resistance with fewer repetitions per exercise. In turn, those who want to lose weight need lower resistance. This is where lower resistance and a higher number of repetitions per exercise prove the most benefits.

Ribbed squat stand

At the bottom of the home gym, users find a ribbed squat stand. It holds the feet when performing squats. Its design is ribbed which means it favors better stability. Users don’t need to slip while performing these demanding exercises.

This stand is also removable. Some users might not need to perform lower body exercises such as squats every workout. This is why the stand may be simply removed from its 2 securing positions when not in use. Removing the squat stand also frees up the machine for other types of exercises.

Pros and Cons of Total Gym Fit

total gym fit flexible nylon straps

  • Strong frame with 450lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Made with an upgraded pulley system for added flexibility
  • Ships with nylon straps which connect to the pulleys
  • Includes a ribbed squat stand
  • Users comfortably sit on a padded gliding board
  • Supports more than 85 exercises
  • Includes an exercise chart for workout inspiration
  • Includes 2 ankle cuffs for glute exercises
  • Efficient in full-body workouts
  • Supports cardiovascular workouts
  • Some of its exercises can be useful for better coordination
  • Supports exercises in both vertical and horizontal postures
  • Adjustable resistance with 12 resistance settings
  • Suitable for weight loss due to its low impact on joints and bones
  • Supported by training DVDs for basic workouts (Premium training videos sold separately)
  • Easy to move around the house due to its low 66-pounds weight
  • Suitable for stretching movements
  • Reliable customer support via e-mail
  • Saves money on gym memberships
  • Backed by a long warranty


  • Training materials sold separately

Total Gym Fit TV – 2 video-based routines

The Total Gym Fit TV is a 2-part program designed to make the life of new Total Gym Fit users easier. Those who have a gym training background might not need any type of guidance. However, most users can find these programs useful, especially during the first months of training.

Inside these programs, users find exercise ideas, tips, and tricks on proper technique. The trainers in these videos are experienced and they offer valuable tips. The basic program is free while its premium version adds new materials at an extra cost.

Total Gym Fit TV

The program is free and it can be found on the manufacturer’s website. It starts with the basics. It shows users how to perform basic exercises. The list includes tips on the following.

  • Crunches
  • Rowing
  • Back flyes
  • Chest press
  • Leg curls
  • Upright rows
  • Biceps curls

The list of exercises is long. The manufacturer states there are 30 exercises, to begin with. But Total Gym Fit Videos include many more.

Total Gym Fit TV Premium

The premium version of the program shows new exercises. It offers tips on more exercises. This enhanced program also includes videos from other trainers. Those purchasing this program already have included access on Total Gym Fit TV as well.

Losing weight with Total Gym Fit

The home gym is one of the leading options for losing weight. It represents a strong design for intense workouts. Furthermore, these full-body workouts are known to burn the most amount of calories per session compared to many isolation exercises such as calf raises.

Total Gym Weight Loss Results

Losing weight with the home gym has proven possible. But users need to accompany their physical efforts with nutritional efforts. Relying on a healthy diet is one of the methods by which results can be seen sooner.

None of these weight loss workouts require too much research. They are already characterized by exercises demonstrated in Total Gym training videos. Apart from starting these exercises as soon as possible, all users can see endurance and strength gains.

Gaining muscle with Total Gym Fit

Gaining muscle is based on progressive strength gain. Weighted exercises are some of the best for this fitness goal. The gliding mechanism of the home gym allows users to set various resistance levels which are suitable for this progressive style of training for muscle gain.

A few exercise examples used for muscle gains include kneeling rows, squats, and cable triceps extensions. All of these exercises can be performed on different bench inclination which adds or reduces resistance.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS

Total Gym Fit offers an ergonomic glideboard as opposed to the XLS home gym. It’s better suited for the elderly who only need a bit more support. But Total Gym Fit also offers more than 85 exercise variations, like those the XLS.

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Total Gym Fit vs GTS

Total Gym Fit offers 12 levels of resistance. GTS offers 22 levels of resistance. As a result, it is recommended for those with a bit more fitness experience. Its added resistance levels suit those who need their workouts to be a bit more challenging.

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What’s the price for Total Gym Fit?

The Total Gym Fit is one of the affordable all-in-one home gyms. It can be paid in full or with 8 monthly installments. It features various other accessories sold separately. Among them, Premium training videos can be purchased by those who need workout guidance.

How to lose weight on a Total Gym?

Users report weight loss of up to 20 pounds simply by training with Total Gym Fit every day. At least 5 weekly workouts with multiple exercises have been reported by users as beneficial for weight loss plans.

How to gain muscle on Total Gym Fit?

Total Gym Fit users also report muscle gain with the machine. Those who want to build extra muscle can also train every day. But this training routine also needs to be backed by a caloric surplus, eating more healthy foods.

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As all Total Gym Fit Reviews show, there are major benefits to using the machine at home. Users save time by not having to commute to the gym. But they also save money in the long term by not having to pay for monthly gym memberships.

Most importantly, the Total Gym Fit is used to live an active lifestyle. Not everybody has the time to join a gym. Bad weather can also keep people away from exercising outdoors. But Total Gym Fit workouts can be performed in the comfort of the home regardless of these obstacles.

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