Schwinn GTX 2 vs. GTX 3 vs. Elite vs. Discover Hybrid Bike

The benefits of regularly exercising your body can never be overemphasized. Experts have always advised the use of bikes for exercise, as it can help keep you in shape. You can’t just hit the market and pick a product; several products will probably confuse you when shopping for the best bikes.

Rather than leaving you confused, our goal in this review is to efficiently introduce you to one of the best brands when it comes to bikes.

There are four unique bikes we will be introducing you to; we will provide details that will help you pick the best out of the GTX 2, GTX 3, Elite, and Discover Hybrid Bikes. Let’s professionally address your bike issues.

Benefits of Getting Schwinn Bikes

When choosing a bike, there are several factors aside from the brand you should pay attention to. As a brand, Schwinn designs their bikes with unique features that help their user get the best out of every moment spent on the bike.

One can smoothly ride the Schwinn bike without hurting their joints. As such, you exercise your body without causing any damage. Schwinn bikes are ergonomically designed; this also helps seniors enjoy riding.

Comparing the GTX 2, GTX 3, Elite, Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn has zero bad products, yet different products come with unique functions. Pay attention to the comparison between the GTX 2, GTX 3, and Discover Hybrid Bike as we will highlight the size, appearance, functions, accessories, etc.

Schwinn GTX 2

If you want a fast and speedy bike, GTX 2 is a good option. This solid bike is perfect for use both on and off-road. Here are some unique features of the GTX 2:

Appearance and Size

GTX 2 is a versatile black/bright blue colored bike you should buy. This bike has varying frame sizes of 16-28 inches. The bike features a 700C wheel size, which makes it perfect for riders with heights between 5’4″ – 6’2″. The 16″ frame has an overall dimension of 55.51 x 30.31 x 8.31 inches and weighs 36 pounds.

Schwinn GTX 2 Appearance and Size


GTX 2 features a mechanical disc brake, which makes stopping the bike smoother. The bike comes with a Schwinn alloy triple crank, which helps improve the gearing system of the bike.


The bike has dual sports frames, which are accompanied by the Schwinn suspension fork. As such, you can enjoy riding under any type of condition, both on and off-road.


The Schwinn GTX 2 features a full suspension fork on the front and rear wheel. These top-quality suspension forks are meant to serve as a shock absorber.


The brake is a vital accessory in top quality bikes. It is one of the important features to look out for before purchasing your choice bike. The Schwinn GTX 2 comes with a Mechanical disc brake, which makes stopping the bike smoother and easier. It’s indeed a deal-breaker for lovers of the bike.


The bike features a Shimano drivetrain which improves its efficiency.


This is a very affordable budget bike. With $600, you can get yourself this bike.


You can get the bike from their retail partners like Amazon and other online sellers. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

GTX features a padded seat that makes sitting on the bike easier.This is a heavy, and not a lightweight bike.
The 21-speed twist shifter improves the riding experience.The lack of accessories is another notable issue.
The bike is durable and fast.
The bike comes with precise mechanical disc brakes. This makes it safer for riding.


Schwinn GTX 3

The GTX 3 is a sturdy and highly affordable bike that comes with several unique features. It is an upgrade for the GTX 2, and here are some of the reasons why it is a good buy:

Appearance and Size

GTX 3 is a Matte Red-colored bike that is designed to explore wooded trails and off the road routes. It comes with varying frame sizes of 17.5 inches and 20 inches. The bike has an overall dimension of 43 x 25.5 x 70 inches and weighs 46 pounds. The bike features a 700C wheel size, which makes it perfect for riders of varying heights. The sturdy aluminum frame of the bike makes it more durable.

Schwinn GTX 3 red colored bike


GTX 3 comes with mechanical disc brakes, which features a lot of padding, this makes the braking system more effective and powerful. The bike features seven gears, which are delivered in 3 tears.


Features lightweight sport aluminum frames. It also features the SR Suntour fork, which makes riding more fun and interesting irrespective of the route. Features polished alloy wheels and frames.


The Schwinn GTX 3 features a full suspension fork on the front and rear wheel. These suspension forks are shock absorber forks.


The bike comes with Mechanical disc brake, which makes stopping the bike smoother and easier.


As an upgrade to GTX 2, this bike is very affordable. You can get it for $500 – $600 from reputable stores.

No products found.

This bike is very affordable compared to related bikes.The chain is not as durable as expected.
The gear system is one excellent thing about this bike.Does not feature spots for keeping accessories.
GTX 3 features durable aluminum frames, which helps it support massive weights.
The presence of suspension is another excellent feature that makes the bike excellent.
The handlebar is well-positioned; this makes riding easier.
It works well for long-distance riding.


GTX Elite

Schwinn GTX Elite top option for rides

The GTX Elite is another top option for rides. This bike delivers the speed of a road bike, topped with the comfort of a cruiser. It is very different from the GTX 2 and 3 and comes with unique features like:

Appearance and Size

GTX Elite is a black/yellow colored bike designed for all types of terrains. The bike features a frame size of 18 inches. Elite has an overall dimension of 55 x 30.51 x 9.02 inches. The aluminum bike has a total weight of 37.5 pounds, which is lightweight.


GTX Elite features mechanical disc brakes, which makes the braking system a highly effective one. You can enjoy riding thanks to the triple-density ergonomic grip, and the sport saddles the bike features.


GTX Elite features dual-sport frames that come with suspension forks. As such, you can enjoy riding both on and off-road.


The GTX Elite features a full suspension fork on the front and rear wheel. These suspension forks serve as shock absorber suspension forks.


The bike comes with a Mechanical disc brake which makes stopping the bike smoother and easier.

GTX Elite Bike Mechanical disc brake


You can get this bike from Amazon for about $769.99.

Where to Buy

The bike is shipped to several locations and can be bought on the Schwinn website or from their retail partners like Amazon, Walmart, TARGET, etc.

This bike is fast and comes with unmatched speed.Assembling can be very tedious, as pointed out by users.
It is a multi-sport bike that can be used for all biking needs.It is suitable for adults as the frames are not small.
It is highly affordable and made with high-quality materials.
The braking system is unique and makes riding fun and safe.
Support a massive weight of up to 150 pounds.


GTX Discover Hybrid

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

The GTX Discover Hybrid bike is designed for both men and women. What makes it different from the GTX 2, 3, and elite? Let’s find out.

Appearance and Size

The GTX Discover Hybrid bike is a white-colored bike that comes with varying frames, including 16 inches and 18 inches. It has an overall dimension of 54.25 x 32 x 7.75 inches and has a total weight of 35.5 pounds.


Features Schwinn suspension fork and alloy crank, which contributes to making the ride more comfortable. It also features city rise adjustable stems with back sweep handlebar.


For biking comfort, the Discover Hybrid comes with Promax alloy linear-pull brake, gear carrier, and four-finger brake levers. This makes riding safer and easier.


With a full suspension fork on the front and rear wheel, you get the biking comfort you need.


The GTX Discover Hybrid bike comes with a Mechanical disc brake, which makes stopping the bike smoother and easier.


The drivetrain information is not provided.


This bike is sold for $600-$800 on several online stores.


Comes with a limited warranty.

Features an upright handlebar, which makes riding easier.The warranty covers five years, which is relatively small.
The bike is highly affordable.
It is made with durable and high-quality aluminum material.
Fast and perfect for all terrains.

Similar Products on The Market

Schwinn GTX 1.0

This is a multi-colored bike that features bikes of varying inches 16-20 inches. The bike features aluminum frames and comes with a wheel size of 700C. It also features micro shift 21-speed twist shifters.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Bike

These bikes are the best options to pick from, yet there are some guiding principles to consider. These principles will make the selection process easier;


Your size will influence the type you are going to buy. Without picking the fitting size, you can’t be comfortable when riding.

Speed system

Bikes that come with gear and an efficient braking system are the best option for you. They make riding safer and easier.


Even the best products get damaged, your warranty is essential.


The type of terrain you will be exploring is essential when making your decision. If you’re not sure of the terrain, a rugged bike is suitable.

Ride length

Will you be riding for fun? Or over a long-distance? Look for bikes that can handle long-distance riding.

Final Verdict

This review has carefully provided information about GTX 2, GTX 3, Elite, and Discover Hybrid Bikes. They are all excellent products that will help you enjoy riding. From all considerations, the GTX Elite is the best bike as it comes with excellent features. This guide has provided factors that should influence your decision; you won’t have a bad buy with these details. Make your choice from GTX 2, GTX 3, Elite, and Discover Hybrid Bikes today!

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