Choosing the Best Pull-up Bar: Rogue Fitness Bar vs. Stud Bar

Staying physically fit and active is one excellent way to improve your life.

Thanks to the development of pull up bars, you do not need to visit the gym before getting quality exercise.

Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar and Stud Bar are two of the best options you can find in the market.

Rogue Pull Up Bar vs Stud Bar

While both options are of top quality, the result they deliver when used differs from person to person. As such, we will consider their features in this article.

In the end, we will reach a solid conclusion on which bar will work perfectly for you.

Why use Pull Up Bar

There are several reasons why you might want to use Pull up bars. They are the perfect tool for strengthening your back muscles; they also help in strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles when used regularly. Since it actively involves the use of your palm, you tend to have better grip ability.

Benefits of Installing a Pull Up Bar

Exercise is beneficial for health; as such, you can enjoy improved health conditions when you use pull-up bars. This spans across your physical and mental health.

The question stands, which pull up bar should you choose? The Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar or the Stud Bar? Let’s consider their features.

Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar

The Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar is one of the best pull up bars you will find on the market. The construction makes use of high-quality material that makes enjoying your exercise session possible. Why should you pick this bar? What makes it special? Consider the following information.

Size and Dimension

The black Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar is a single compact unit optimized for mounting on your wall and ceiling. It features 1 x 2-inch 11-Gauge steel. When mounted on the wall or ceiling, it has a depth of 14 or 22 inches.

Rogue Pull Up Bar Size and Dimension

You can also set the bar on a 16 inches stud center or space the bar as wide as 48 inches.  You have the option of using multiple bars in a row. You may get fitting pipes of 1 inch/1.25 inch, which is 24 inches for this bar. This depends on your goal and why you want to use the bar.

This bar’s width can be set on 16 stud centers, or you can opt for the 48 inches between brackets setup. One good thing about this bar is that it can be set up both vertically and horizontally. The choice depends on what is comfortable for you. This bar has a length of 52 inches, a width of 24 inches, and a height of 23 inches. It also has a total weight of 37 lbs.

You Can Benefit

The Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar is designed to help you improve your exercise experience. It is designed to help improve your muscle strength as it gives you ample space to exercise.

You can also use this bar to improve the strength of your arm and your hand. It features an exercise routine that requires you to engage your hand and your arm actively. So, the more you use, the stronger your arm and hand become.


While this is a simple exercise tool that does not require numerous accessories, you still have some for your comfort. It comes with two brackets, which can help you be more flexible during workout sessions. There are also pull up bars that are made with high-quality materials that help improve your strength when working out.

How to Assemble the Rogue Pull Up Bar

This unit is very easy to assemble. The full-scale rigs and racks can easily be fastened together in your home. You have the option of mounting this unit on the wall or your ceiling. This depends on your height and the location you find more comfortable for you.

To improve your assembly experience, you can follow the instructions included in the manual attached to the product. It provides solid information on how you can easily assemble this unit in your home.

You also have the option of adding pipes to this bar; you can purchase them from a local tube supplier and add to the system if you need more flexibility in your exercise routine. It is good to note that all Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar assemblies are guaranteed to work well if you install them the right way.

It is recommended that you have a distance of 36 inches between brackets for concrete installation, and 32- or 48-inches distance between the brackets for wood installation. You can also use a height of 7 to 8 inches in the center of the bar. There is room for adjustment based on your height and the height of the ceiling.


The overall construction process and material for this bar are designed to help you exercise with ease. For your comfort, when using the bar, you can choose a spot that will not be too high or short for you. They are often delivered with support arms that help the rig remain sturdy.


This high-quality bar is also amazingly offered at a pocket-friendly price. The Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar is sold for about $150.00.

Quality and Weight Capacity

Using high-quality steel in building this bar makes it one of the best options. It is no surprise that this bar has an excellent weight capacity of 500 lbs. This makes it perfect for athletes of varying weights.

Additional Information

Many users have considered this bar to be the best option in the market for them. To some, the Rogue Fitness bars are very easy to install and straightforward to use. Many also commented on the sturdy build that helps the bar for everyone interested in using high-quality bars.

Stud Bar

Stud bar is another top option you have when searching for a ceiling or wall mountable pull-up bar. The construction process uses high-quality materials, which are all combined to help you work out well and perfectly. What makes this bar different from Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar? And what features does it carry? Let’s find out.

Size and Dimension

The Stud Bar is a high-quality and sturdy bar that is made of 14 inches welded gauge steel. It also features a triangular gusset, which improves the strength of this bar. This bar features a Hammertone powder-coated finish, which improves its quality and aesthetic look. The Stud Bar has a diameter of 1 ¼ inch and has a length of 48 inches. As such, you can pull widely.

You Can Benefit

The Stud Bar serves the same purpose as other pull bars. This unit is designed for serious pull-ups, chin up, and kipping pull-ups. It is designed to help you improve your strength overall while working out.

Exercises for the Stud Bar pull up bar

The design makes it easier for you to build your muscles and ensure you grow stronger effectively. Additionally, since this design requires you to use your arm and hand, using regularly will help you improve your arm and hands’ strength.

So, you can feel good and look good when you use the Stud Bar. It is built to help shape your body positively and enhance your workout routine.


The Stud Bar does not really come with numerous accessories, but the few accessories it features works for your good. The bar features a triangular gusset, which improves the strength of the bar.

How to Assemble the Stud Bar

When it comes to installing and assembling the bar, it is the easiest one you will find. It is very easy to mount on your wall or ceiling. The package comes with clear instructions on setting the bar up and getting it running in your home.

Stud Bar installation parts

The chances are high that everything might still sound confusing. As such, they have provided an additional tool for easy setup. On their website is a full video that features the whole assembling and installation process. This will easily walk you through the task of installing the unit in your home.


The Stud Bar, in truth, is one of the most comfortable options to use. It features a wonderful Hammertone powder coating that is comfortable for your palm. It is smooth and makes gripping easier.

You can also fix this bar at different heights; this means you define how convenient you want to be when using this tool. The diameter of the bar is another excellent feature that brings comfort. It fits into your hands perfectly. The length of the bar is also designed to work well for people with different arm lengths. It supports wide pull-ups and offers unmatched comfort.


The high-quality Stud Bar is highly affordable. It is offered at $138.33.

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Quality and Weight Capacity

When it comes to the material features for this bar, it is the best you can find in the market. As a sturdy design, the bar has an excellent weight capacity of 600 lbs. It is built with welded gauge steel, which is both strong and sturdy.

It is designed to take whatever you throw at it, irrespective of how intensive your workout routine is, this is the bar that will help you enjoy every moment.

Additional Information

User comments have proven beyond every doubt that this is one of the best bars you can use. Some have commented on how easy it is to install this unit in their home. For some, it is the sturdy build and quality material that surpasses all they have previously used.

Others have commended the design for putting people of varying heights into consideration. All these points to the fact that you can enjoy an unmatched exercise experience with the Stud Bar.

Rogue vs Stud Bar

As earlier stated, choosing between the Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar and Stud Bar is a serious decision. They are both excellent tools made with high-quality materials designed to help you more fully enjoy your pull up.

But the Stud Bar comes with better features; for one, it has an excellent weight capacity that far exceeds the rogue fitness bar.

While it is hard to find athletes that are 600 lbs heavy, it gives room for two individuals to work out at the same time.

The wide bar is another excellent thing about the stud bar. It is wide enough to help you pull up at different points, both wide and middle.

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Additional Products

ProSource Fit Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar/Chin-Up

This pull-up bar is designed for your home gym. It can hold up to 300 lbs and perfect for pull-ups, push-ups, and other exercise forms. Assembling and using this bar in your home is easy.

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Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar

This is another top option that is designed to help you exercise your body the right way. It is portable and supports eight of up to 300 lbs. For your comfort, it features padded handles. It can be used for different forms of exercise.

No products found.


This review has successfully provided clear details on the Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar and Stud Bar. As stated, the Stud Bar is the better option, but having any of these bars in your home allows you to improve your physical and mental health. Nothing should stop you from buying the Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar or Stud Bar.

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