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Those looking to get in shape at home rarely have better equipment to rely on than a treadmill. This Proform 905 CST treadmill review looks into its functions and how they apply to at-home fitness benefits.

Why use the Proform 905 treadmill in the first place?

Before jumping off to its strengths and weaknesses, most users need to find out why running on a treadmill is beneficial in the first place.

One of the main benefits of running includes burning extra calories which may be otherwise stored as body fat. But those who want to get fit don’t necessarily need to run on the treadmill to achieve this goal. It’s been estimated that 20 minutes of walking on a 10% incline treadmill angle burns 166 calories in 22 minutes.

Why use the Proform 905 treadmill

Treadmills are easy to use. They’re also practical with a predictable running surface with user-defined speed and incline. This makes the treadmill one of the most popular fitness machines to be used either at home or at the gym.

Treadmills support cardiovascular training efforts which improve resistance and help the general fitness level. They are often compared to elliptical machines which also support cardiovascular training.

While both have strengths and weaknesses, elliptical trainers come with reduced knee pressure. Those using elliptical machines such as the Bowflex Max trainer instead of a treadmill are users looking to reduce knee pressure.

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Proform 905-CST list of features

Proform 905 CST Treadmill CHP Motor

  • The treadmill requires assembly (up to 6 hours to complete)
  • 350lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Cushioning system made by ProShox
  • Speed control from 0 to 12 mph
  • 0-12% incline adjustments
  • 30 included onboard workouts
  • Offers access to thousands of extra workouts through iFit membership
  • Included EKG sensors
  • Made with a powerful 3.0 CHP motor
  • The treadmill is made with a foldable design

Proform 905 CST Treadmill – Review of Features

There are 4 treadmills in Proform’s CST line (305 CST, 505 CST, 705 CST, and 905CST). Motor capacity and the number of onboard workouts is what sets them apart. The 905CST treadmill is the most capable as it comes with a powerful 3 CHP motor and 30 onboard workouts.

Having the strongest motor also means the treadmill reaches the highest speeds. Users can run at various speeds of up to 12mph with a maximum 12% incline on the capable treadmill. But the user experience is not limited as with entry-level performers. For example, it includes audio connectivity, dual 2” speakers and even an auxiliary audio port. These connectivity options are mainly added to listen to music or podcast while running.

Proform 905 CST Treadmill Features

A 5” display is added for user input as well. It’s this screen which is the interface of the iFit online training program. This program is where Proform trainers run various running classes. Within these classes, trainers control the speed and the tempo of the run. However, this is also an issue for new users of the treadmill. iFit membership is based on a monthly fee. As a result, before using the treadmill for the first time, users have to either opt-in or out of the membership program. To opt-out, users need to press and hold the iFit button for 20 seconds and start using the treadmill according to their custom running sessions.

Custom training with the Proform 905 CST training

iFit members don’t need to worry about their running plans. Its users who prefer to sign up to iFit’s membership plan that can benefit the most from the various customization options.

30 preset workout apps

This semi-automated workout plan is already included in the treadmill’s default settings and it doesn’t require an additional membership plan signup. Users simply select these workouts which can rotate each day up to a month. They aim to target various cardiovascular zones and base workouts on varying intensity or workout longevity.

EKG sensors with chest strap

The built-in EKG sensors are a proven method of measuring cardiovascular effort. Regardless of the fitness goal, checking the hear a pulse is a solid tool. These sensors are built-in the handgrips. Users need to hold the handgrips while running for a few seconds to get instant heart rate reading.

EKG sensors with chest strap

Speed and incline performance

The 905 CST treadmill has a maximum speed of 12mph. This makes it one of the fastest in its class and a top choice for those who plan to improve running speed with time. While other treadmills might be limited to a top speed of 10mp, Proform’s leading CST release goes a bit further.

But increasing speed is not the only method of adding a bit more resistant to these running sessions. Users may also increase the incline percentage, which changes the dynamics of the workout. At 0%, the treadmill stays in a horizontal position with the lowest resistance. This incline percentage can then be increased by up to 12%. At this point, running becomes difficult and users are facing a steep climb, similar to what they’d face while trekking up a mountain.

ProShox cushioning

Every treadmill should come with some type of cushioning to disperse shocks. Proform’s treadmill comes with the ProShox system. Friendly to the knees, it allows users to run faster and longer without having the same impact a hard surface would have when running outdoors.

Integrated tablet holder

There are more incentives to keep running added by the manufacturer. Among them, the integrated tablet holder proves popular. Many users simply place their tablets on the treadmill and watch YouTube videos or movies while running. It makes time pass faster and it may be one of the accessories which motivate most people to get in shape faster by running longer without feeling bored.

Proform 905 Integrated tablet holder

Fold-up design

At the end of the workout, users may also fold-up the treadmill to reduce space limitations insider their homes. This is not complicated to achieve and it may be one of the main reasons those with limited space consider purchasing it in the first place.

Proform 905 treadmill Fold-up design


You can purchase the Proform 905 treadmill for a good price. In most locations, it costs less than $1,000. You can find the treadmill in Amazon for $883. Those who want to get serious about running on the treadmill only pay $100 more for the Proform 905 treadmill compared to the Proform 705 treadmill.

How the Proform 905 CST performs against competitors?

Of course, it makes sense to compare the 905CST against other treadmills from the same series. But it has a better 3CHP motor than all of the treadmills in the CST line (2.75CHP-705 CST, 2.0CHP-505 CST, 2.0CHP-305 CST). But some users might be curious about how the treadmill holds up against other brands.

Proform 905 CST vs. Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

Weslo’s treadmill is also powerful, but not to the same extent as Proform’s 905 CST. It has a 2.5 CHP motor compared to the 3.0 CHP motor of the 905 CST. But the main advantage Proform has over Weslo is in incline adjustments. There are only 2 incline positions for the user to rely on with the Cadence treadmill. This is in stark contrast to the 12% user-defined incline of the Cadence treadmill.

Proform 905 CST vs. NordicTrack t 6.5 S Treadmill

NordicTrack is also inferior to the 905 CST treadmill purely on features. It has a 2.5 CHP motor which is a bit slower and 10% maximum incline. However, multimedia fans might be inclined to choose Norditrack’s treadmill simply based on its larger screen. It features a 10” screen which is twice the size of the 905’s CST built-in screen. Those who like to watch movies or use virtual running programs might be better off with the larger screen.

Proform 905 vs. Sunny Health And Fitness SF-T917 Treadmill

At a similar price, the Sunny Health And Fitness SF-T917 treadmill offer a similar experience. However, the difference between the two is in the small details.

For example, Sunny’s treadmill is limited to a maximum speed of 10mph. But most importantly, its maximum weight capacity is 265lbs, considerably less than what Proform can handle in terms of weight.

However, Sunny’s treadmill also offers comparable additional functions. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, it has 15 incline levels and it features integrated multimedia speakers.

Since both treadmills come with a foldable design, they may be considered for apartment use. However, Sunny’s treadmill might only be limited to those who like to create their own workouts. There’s no option for guided workouts such as Proform offers. There are only 15 preset workouts to count on with the Sunny Health And Fitness treadmill.

Further reading: Life Fitness Treadmill T3 vs. T5 Comparison

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How to make the most out of the Proform 905 CST treadmill?

A 30-day trial can be selected on the treadmill to access the iFit training program. After this initial period, users need to choose a subscription plan to adhere to. However, during these 30 days, most users can get an idea of how to maximize the benefits of the treadmill with the help of guided training.

Proform 905 CST iFit training program

Leverage tips from top trainersSome of the best trainers have been selected for the iFit program which runs directly on the 5” screen. These trainers have different running styles and they recommend various workouts. Since there’s a good trainer variation, these workouts may also improve the motivation to get on the treadmill again and get fit faster.
Join virtual studio classesStudio running classes are also available through iFit. These group classes simulate the gym-environment where training conducts a class. Virtual classes also benefit from different workouts. As they’re rarely the same, these workouts may also help the user get motivated by comparing their results to those of other users taking part in the classes.
Consider asking for personalized workoutsThose who want to take things further also have the option of signing up for personalized workouts. These can be sent directly to the treadmill every day. For example, if a user is seeking to have a combined workout with intense runs and recovery runs, trainers can send these personalized workouts directly to the treadmill.

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A few Proform 905 CST drawbacks

Since there’s no perfect treadmill, users also need to be aware of a few limitations the treadmill comes with. The most important drawback is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. These wireless connectivity method would have been a good addition to runners seeking to stream music directly from smartphones. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connectivity is available on the 705 CST treadmill.

Another possible issue is with running statistics. There’s no information on pace. Some would even say the built-in speakers are not loud enough.

Final Considerations

Proform’s 905 CST treadmill is capable. While it lacks that Bluetooth connectivity seen on premium products, it has the potential of sustaining even intense running sessions. This is mainly based on its powerful motor and high range of incline adjustability.

The main issue, however, remains its somewhat limited first use experience. Forcing users to activate iFit has proven to be troublesome. While this procedure can be skipped as described above, the information on how to bypass the subscription’s activation is not printed in the user’s manual. This is the type of information that is only given by Proform’s customer support. Once the setup process is complete, the treadmill proves to be a solid release in the Proform’s CST line.

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