ProForm 150i Elliptical vs. emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home Use

This guide is designed to help you find the elliptical that’s right for you by taking a closer look at two popular models, the ProForm 150i Elliptical and the emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home Use.

Once you have the information you need about these two models, you can determine if one of them is right for you and your exercise goals.

ProForm 150i Elliptical vs emdaot Elliptical

Features to Look for in an Elliptical Trainer

Step inside any gym, and you’re sure to find elliptical machines used by people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. This type of exercise machine provides a cardio workout of varying intensity that mimics a running motion but is low-impact and less likely to cause injury. The elliptical motion is also ideal for users who have hip, knee, or other lower-body injuries because this machine protects joints from damage.

The market is filled with elliptical trainers, and it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. Elliptical machines range from base models that provide standard aerobic workouts to computerized models that gauge your mileage, heart rate, and provide digital entertainment features. Choose your elliptical machine based on your exercise needs and your body type, including your build and the training you intend to complete on the machine.

There are multiple styles of elliptical trainers available, and some models offer more or less depending on the price point. Regardless of your budget, there are certain standard features that any quality elliptical machine should possess. Here are the features to look for in your next elliptical trainer.

Smooth Motion

The pedals on an elliptical trainer should move quietly and smoothly. No pieces of the machine should prevent your motion. You should feel comfortable throughout the entire movement, and there shouldn’t be any jerkiness or stickiness or loud noises occurring during a stride.

Stride Length

Ellipticals offer different stride lengths depending on the model. Some machines have smaller stride lengths of 14-inches, which is typically too short for a person of average height. Choose an elliptical machine that is between 17 and 21-inches in stride length and that offers adjustable stride lengths for multiple users.

Elliptical Stride Length

Quiet Operation

At a gym, you expect to hear the sounds of machines constantly running; but in your home, you want a machine that is smooth and quiet. A trainer that is not squeaky, creaky, or loud in operation is especially important if you share your home with other people or live in a condo or apartment complex.

Upper Body Comfort

Your elliptical machine should have arm handles that are ergonomic and easy to use. Check that the handles have grips and that the handle’s movement is comfortable for you during your strides.

Adjustable Incline

Although this feature is not a necessity, it is convenient to change the incline of the elliptical machine as you intensify your exercise regimen. Adjustable inclines will add further intensity to your workouts and continuously challenge you to improve your stamina and strength.

Adjustable Resistance

As with adjustable inclines, adjustable resistance in an elliptical trainer can offer maximum benefits to the user. The resistance level should be easier on the lowest level, then become progressively more difficult as you turn the levels higher. You will gain strength and endurance by increasing your resistance over time.

Safety Features

All legitimate elliptical machines should have prominent safety features. Warm-up and cool-down features should be offered with every workout. Handrails or arm handles should not only be strong enough if you need to grab onto them, but they also shouldn’t get in the way of your exercise routine. If you have children, consider an elliptical trainer that has a pin lock so the pedals don’t work when the machine is off, or a machine that allows you to lock the power screen or machine operations.

ProForm 150i Elliptical Review

The ProForm 150i Elliptical not only hails from one of the best-known names in exercise equipment; it also assists you in taking your exercise routine to a whole new level. With a 17-inch stride length and large, durable motor, the 150i Elliptical is designed to challenge you to continue to achieve more and excel at your training goals. This mid-range trainer is available at a reasonable price and includes the standard amenities in an elliptical which digital capabilities as well.

ProForm 150i Elliptical

ProForm 150i Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • iFit and Bluetooth enabled
  • iPod compatible audio system
  • Front-drive design with eddy system
  • Large LCD display
  • 12 resistance workout levels
  • Bottle, tablet, and accessory holders
  • EKG heart rate monitor
  • Inertia enhanced flywheel
  • Soft arm handle grips
  • Stationary handlebars
  • Mobile handlebars
  • Oversized pedals
  • Reasonably priced
  • 5-year warranty on the frame/90 days for parts


  • Requires four D-batteries to power the workout screen
  • A paid subscription is needed for iFit functionality
  • No adapters are included with the machine

Top Features of ProForm 150i

Large construction

The frame of the 150i is made mostly of durable steel tubing, which allows it to support users of up to 250 lbs. The steel tubing and frame are sealed with rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint. The rear base bar shines with a chrome finish. Fully assembled, this elliptical is roughly 160cm in length (63 inches) and 66cm in width (26 inches).

ProForm 150i Elliptical Large Construction

Resistance and drive

Equipped with an eddy current resistance system, which contains a magnetic brake and a small motor. The resistance levels are controlled via the machine’s console and powered by a 110-120V input, a 6V 2A output adapter, or four D-type batteries. The 150i model has twelve different levels of resistance that is effective because the brake does not come into contact with the flywheel; thus, no friction and no wear and tear on the brakes which results in a longer lifespan.


The ProForm 150i has a mid-range console that offers standard features and more extra for comfort and ease of use. The unit has an LCD display with backlight and is divided into three sections: the resistance level, the elapsed time and distance, and the speed and calories burned. The console allows users to design goals for each workout in calories burned, time, and distance. Speed and distance options include selecting imperial or metric units. Another option is using the Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor through integrated sensors.

ProForm 150i Console

Extra features

Non-fitness features that add to the appeal of the 150i include being iFit compatible. The iFit connectivity is available on this model and allows you to sync your workout data to your smartphone or tablet that has the iFit app downloaded on it. An iFit membership is not included with the 150i and must be purchased separately. Additional perks with this model include a tablet holder and a sound system. Two small speakers at the top of the unit are compatible with MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones.

ProForm 150i vs. ProForm 250i

Some potential customers may wonder what the difference is between the ProForm 150i and the ProForm 250i. Both models have been well received by users, but there are a few key differences between them. First, the 150i is less expensive than the 250i, although it offers nearly the same frame, stride length, and amenities. The 250i is shorter in height by two-tenths of a foot and offers 14 workout programs as opposed to the 150i’s 12 programs. Otherwise, the two models are similar, but the 150i is the less expensive model.

If you’re interested in learning more about The ProForm 250iand seeing it in action, check out this YouTube video about one fitness expert’s assessment of the ProForm 250i.

Our review

Although the ProForm 150i elliptical is not as large as a heavy-duty gym elliptical trainer, it is a sturdy, stable, durable machine that is relatively affordable. For users on a budget, the 150i is an excellent trainer that burns calories without breaking the bank. With multiple resistance levels and plenty of comfortable options, the ProForm 150i is the perfect starter trainer for users of any fitness level.

The ProForm 150i reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the model continues to be a popular choice amongst exercisers everywhere.

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emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home Use

If you are in the market for an elliptical machine and need to stick to a tight budget, you can still purchase a trainer that will get the job done. The emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home Use is a smaller-sized machine that does not shortchange the user in its construction. It is well-built and sturdy for a budget trainer and offers different resistance levels and added amenities as well. With a user-friendly monitor and a more than reasonable price tag, the emdaot is an excellent elliptical trainer choice.

emdaot elliptical machine for home use

ProForm 150i Elliptical Pros and Cons

emdoat built-in effective flywheel


  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Portable with front wheels
  • Heavy-duty non-slip pedal
  • User-friendly monitor with large LCD screen
  • Built-in inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • Eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Compact size
  • Quiet operation


  • The screen runs on batteries only
  • Users note the calorie counter is not accurate
  • The pedals can be hard to move at times

Top Features of emdaot Elliptical

Sturdy construction

Weighing in at almost 36 kg, the lightweight emdaot Elliptical Machine is a surprisingly durable and hardy trainer. Made of tubular steel, the frame offers stability and durability thanks to its wide base. Added to the construction of the machine are the pedals that support up to 300 lbs. of weight. They have ridges to keep your feet secure and are oversized to prevent your feet from slipping. The wheels on the front of the machine make it easy to transport and move from room to room or store in a closet.

Emdaot Sturdy Constructionr

Easy-to-use monitor

The LCD display on the emdaot trainer is clear and user-friendly. Users can easily track calories burned, distance, speed, scan, time, and heart rate monitoring via pulse pads on the stationary handlebars.

Emdaot Elliptical Monitor

Magnetic resistance levels

The emdaot Elliptical Machine features eight levels of magnetic resistance which allow you to challenge yourself in your workout sessions regularly. A tension knob allows you to simply turn down or turn up the resistance level whenever you want. The magnetic resistance provides for smooth, quiet operation without loud motor sounds or squeaks.

Our review

Compact, functional, and affordable, the emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home Use is a perfect trainer for people who are on a budget and for those who are living in smaller spaces like condos, apartments, or dorm rooms. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that larger, more expensive models have, the emdaot Elliptical Machine is a solidly constructed exercise trainer that provides users with the workout they are looking for.

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The Difference Between 150i and emdaot Elliptical

Which model is better: the ProForm 150i Elliptical or the emdaot Elliptical Machine for Home? It depends on how much you want out of a basic elliptical machine and how much you are willing to spend for one.

Both elliptical trainer models are budget-friendly, with the ProForm 150i slightly more expensive than the emdaot model. The difference between the machines lies in size, resistance levels, and amenities.

The ProForm 150i is a larger, sturdier model that gives the user more for their money. With Bluetooth, iFit, MP3 sound speakers, and other connectivity options, users can take advantage of the digital offerings on this machine. The 150i has a long 17-inch stride length, quiet operation, and twelve different magnetic resistance levels for the ultimate challenging workout.

Although the emdaot does not have the same amount of added perks as the ProForm 150i, it offers qualities that work for people on a budget and who need a smaller machine that provides a big workout. With eight resistance levels, silent operation, and a bright LCD screen, the emdaot gives you everything you need to make the most out of a reasonably priced elliptical machine.

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Both of these elliptical trainers offer the standard features that all machines should have, but these models also offer a bit extra. For users who want to spend a bit more for more amenities, more resistance options, and a larger-framed machine, the ProForm 150i is the right elliptical for you. People who are beginning an at-home exercise regimen, who are on a budget, or who don’t have much space in their homes for an exercise machine, the emdaot Elliptical Machine for the Home is the best fit for your lifestyle. Whichever model you choose, you will have a stable, reliable trainer that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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