How To Gain Weight Naturally In 1 Month

Many people out there seem obsessed with losing weight while you are here wondering how you can gain some pounds, though safely and healthily.

Healthily gaining weight can be extremely tough especially if you don’t have the right plan to commit and stick to.

If you are among the few people hoping to add some pounds but don’t know how to go about it, fret not. The following healthy meal plan will help you with the challenge and in just a month’s time!

How To Gain Weight Naturally In 1 Month

Experts’ opinion on healthy weight gain

We understand your worries about adding weight to get rid of the skinny you. However, for this to be possible, these experts’ tips will guide your daily food intake:

  • Always take more calories than your body can burn
  • Consume protein-rich food, like beans, eggs, fish, meat, and pulses as well as dairy products.
  • Do not skip meals
  • Avoid unhealthy fats such as margarine

These guiding tips are informed by the fact that many people are underweight because of poor eating habits, poor selection of foods, and suffering from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa, and prolonged meal time gaps among other things.

  • Understand your body

This includes getting to know the root of the problem (why you are skinny). Consult with your dietician to analyze your problem and guide you on the right thing to do, as well as the meals to take.

This way you will be able to add at least 0.5kgs per week. This is not the same as eating anything and everything that you come across.

Remember, you want to have a gradual weight gain which is more healthy and permanent. This point, however, is dependent on how your body responds to various foods, the current body mass index, and gender.

  • Exercise

As you begin your journey to gaining more pounds, some foods are likely to affect your body negatively.

Away with the misconception, that tinny body cannot hold unwanted fats; the truth is that poor calorie intake can result in unsightly paunch on specific parts of the body.

When this happens, only one thing is for sure; the visceral and subcutaneous fat in your body is rapidly increasing. To counter this, you need to embark on weight training with a mix of cardio and flexibility exercises on a daily routine.

  • Weight lifting for lean body mass

Weight lifting for lean body mass

Lean body mass is the weight your body carries that is not fat. Increasing body leans mass as opposed to fat is the best way to go about gaining healthy weight.

This can only be possible if you take part in some aerobic exercises as well as heavy weight lifting and intense exercises like deadlifts, squats, rows, pull-ups, presses, jerks, snatches and dips among others. This way, different body muscles will be engaged at the same time triggering hormonal response systems.

While undertaking the heavy weight lifting carry it out gradually by increasing the weights and intensity of training with time as you also consider other exercises.

You should also ensure that you eat before and after workouts- carbs before training for stamina and carbs combined with proteins after training to help with the recovery of muscles.

  • Healthy diet

chances are that you may have been tempted to consider dietary supplements which promise to add weight in a short period. However, you must understand that most of the supplements out there are loaded with synthetic nutrients.

Such nutrients may help you to gain some pounds, but that is short-lived and may end up ruining your health for the rest of your life. Before consuming any of such products, it is vital to consult with your nutritionist.

In any case, if you have to use the supplements, first make sure your diet is in place and should comprise the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats.

Stick to a healthy meal plan exclusive of alcohol, and sooner than later, you will start seeing the results.

  • Eat small portions of meals

We understand the need to get faster results regarding gaining weight is overwhelming you. However, this should not push you to the point of consuming large amounts of junk foods.

Instead, have your meals in smaller portions but regularly avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking in between. Foods highly rich in nutrients and calories are better off than junk foods loaded with unhealthy calories.

Some of the best meals to give priority include vegetables and meats that are rich in proteins, minerals, and fiber. These will also help you to avoid unhealthy snacking since they fill your stomach to curb hunger pangs.

Besides, enough protein-intake is essential for proper synthesis by hormones. Other meals to include in your small portion include egg yolks, fish, coconut oil, fruits like bananas and sapodilla. These are excellent sources of healthy fats for the body.

  • Do away with processed foods

Processed foods and liquids only fill your body with empty calories. Instead, look out for foods rich in healthy calories such as natural vegetables and fruits, nut butter, dried fruits, and cheese. Milk and other high-calorie beverages are also recommended.

How To Gain Weight Naturally

Gain Weight Naturally

Close to 75% of people in the US are either obese or overweight. However, there are also a significant number of those that are underweight.

What many people don’t know is that being underweight can be as bad as being overweight with statistics indicating that underweight is associated with a 140% greater risk of early death in males and 100% in females compared to a 50% greater risk of early deaths associated with overweight.

Besides, other studies indicate that underweight may be related to impaired immune function, higher risk of infections like osteoporosis and fertility complications.

These statistics communicate one point; being underweight can be even worse than being overweight.

Whether you are clinically underweight or simply want to add some pounds naturally, these two principles will apply.

Eating healthy foods

In this first principle of adding weight naturally, you will have to eat more calorie than your body burns.

However, you must ensure this is slow and steady. Between 300 and 500 calories, more than you burn on a daily basis is enough in this case. To achieve this, you should consider;

Eating plenty of proteins– protein is the single most vital nutrient for weight gain.This will help in the building of lean muscles that will help in burning off extra calories you will be taking. Otherwise, the calories will end up being stored as body fat.

Otherwise, the calories will end up being stored as body fat. The foods highly rich in proteins include meat, a majority of dairy products, fish, eggs, nuts, and legumes among others.

You may also consider protein supplements like whey protein to boost the amount of proteins consumed.

Take more carbohydrates and fat– carbs and fat are good sources of the extra needed calories.High carb and fat foods together with plenty of proteins will help significantly add some pounds naturally.

During the day, make sure to take these three components at least three times for faster results.

Eat energy-dense foods– these should include whole ingredient foods.These foods are more filling than junk hence will get you full most of the day which is necessary to avoid snacking of unhealthy junk foods in between.

You may include spices and sauces to make the foods tastier and easy to eat.

Some of these foods include nuts like walnuts, almonds and peanuts, high-fat dairy like cheese, full-fat yogurt and whole milk, dried fruits like dates and raisins, meat including beef, chicken, lamb and pork, grains and tubers such as potatoes and yams.

Living an overall healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is vital regarding weight gain. Among the health practices you should consider;

  • Exercises and weLiving an overall healthy lifestyleightlifting– these are essential to ensure the extra calories consumed directly go to the muscles and not stored as fat. Start and progress gradually with the weights while you work on improving the intensity of your training. You may as well seek the services of a professional personal trainer to get you started. Besides weight lifting, cardio exercises are also vital to improve your fitness and well being. However, do not overdo the exercises as they may end up burning all the calories consumed.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Avoid smoking
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Gaining weight naturally can be difficult but not impossible. Consistency is vital if you want to attain long-term success.

Can Whey Protein Help To Gain Weight?

Whey protein is a commonly used supplement across the world. For this reason, it has attracted the attention of many researchers who have carried out studies to determine if indeed it is worth the hype.

The supplement is well known for its high nutritional value and studies have confirmed the same listing down many health benefits associated with it.

An excellent source of high-quality protein

Whey protein is obtained when whey is separated from milk during the production of cheese. The liquid is thus considered a high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids.

Besides, whey protein is that it is quickly absorbed from the gut, unlike other proteins. For this reason, whey protein is considered the best dietary supplement for the protein needed for weight gain among underweight individuals.

Since it is now common knowledge how crucial plenty of protein is in the quest to gain weight, whey protein comes in as a perfect supplement to boost the amount of protein intake.

Promotes muscle growth

Whey Protein Help To Gain Weight

Underweight individuals have less muscle mass, and this can be worsened with age. The result of this is an accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body.

However, with the introduction of whey protein coupled with strength training, this can be reversed.

Whey protein is particularly considered as the ideal supplement because it is highly rich in branched-chain amino acids which are the best in promoting growth.

Whey protein has thus been considered as the better option for muscle growth compared to other supplements like soy and casein.

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From the two illustrations, there is no doubt whey protein is a vital supplement for people intending to gain weight.

Besides, the supplement has been linked to many other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, treating type-2 diabetes, reducing inflammation, and in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease among others.

Are you contemplating taking whey protein to boost protein level in the body and gain weight as a result? It is already in the books by scientific researchers. Go ahead.

Weight Gain Food List For You

Weight Gain Food List For You

Do you intend to gain weight naturally and fast? You better consider taking the following foods;

  • Milk– this has been used for decades as a weight gainer and muscle building.

Milk is also essential in providing a right balance of fats, proteins, and carbs besides being great vitamins and mineral source.

Research indicates that milk combined with exercising and weight lifting can help add more muscles while other studies have revealed that whey protein from milk combined with casein can result in a more significant gain in mass compared to other protein sources.

  • Nuts and butter– these are other weight gain foods perfect for those who want to add weight.

The nuts and butter are calorie-dense which makes them ideal for the extra calories needed in a day.

In fact, only a handful of the nuts and butter a day combined with other meals could result in faster accumulation of calories in the body.

  • Red meats– these are among the best muscle building foods you can ever think of.

For instance, a steak contains roughly three grams of leucine which is a vital type of amino acids that stimulate muscle protein synthesis resulting in muscle gain.

On the other hand, red meats provide creatine which is known as the best muscle building supplement.

  • Starchy foods– such foods as potatoes among other starchy ingredients are perfect for people who wish to add weight.

Some of the healthy starchy foods include corn, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans and legumes, squash and winter root vegetables.

These starchy foods also help with increasing muscle glycogen stores to fuel the body during intense training and activities.

  • Salmon and oily fish– these are also excellent sources of proteins and healthy fats.

Among the vital nutrients from this foods includes omega-3 fatty acids with numerous health benefits.

  • Protein supplements– this usually comes as a last resort to adding more weight.

Whey protein supplements, for instance, are recommended as the best supplements for weight gain, especially when combined with strength training.

  • Dried fruits– these serve as high-calorie snacks providing antioxidants and micronutrients into the body.

Besides, they have a high sugar content which may directly help with weight gain.

  • Whole-grain bread– this is another good source of carbs that help with weight gain.

Rich in calories, whole-grain bread is perfect for those intending to add weight.

  • Avocado– this is an excellent source of healthy fats.

Being highly calorie-dense makes them a great food option for weight gain. Roughly one large avocado contains about 320 calories, about 30 grams of fat, and close to 20 grams of fiber.

Besides, they are also good sources of vitamins and minerals.

  • Cereals– healthy cereals are undoubtedly some of the best sources of calories, carbs, and other nutrients.

However, you should avoid processed cereals with high sugar content. Oats and other grain-based cereals also have essential nutrients like fiber and antioxidants.

Some good healthy cereals to consider include oats, bran, multigrain, and granola among others.

The list of the best weight gain food may be endless, but all you need to consider is ensuring that all options you consider are healthy and safe to avoid possible complications and above all accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body.

Can You Gain Weight In Three Days?

What?! How possible? Well, it is true that you can gain a substantial amount of pounds in three days or less. Let’s critically look into how one gains weight.

To gain 1 lb of fat, you need to consume 3500 extra calories than your body needs on a daily basis. Spreading the calories in three days means you will have to consume roughly 1150 calories more than your caloric maintenance level per day.

Starts to make sense? Well, this is highly possible considering one can take a medium sized pizza in a single sitting while it contains a lot of calories in it. If you have a good appetite, then definitely this is no problem.

However, the gained weight may not necessarily be permanent because possibly all the weight gained is fat and immediately you withdrawal from taking such high amounts of calories, the body immediately fluctuates, and the water weight sooner goes away.

That is why it is recommendable to focus on gradual and healthy weight gain which is in most cases permanent.

In this case, adding some pounds in record three days demands eating mainly junk and unhealthy foods highly rich in caloric content which leads to fat accumulation rather than gaining healthy weight.

Observing a healthy diet and regular workout while following a healthy lifestyle will do you a lot of good when it comes to gaining weight. It may take a couple of weeks or months to add a few pounds, but you can be sure the gain is healthy and permanent.

Gaining weight in three days is possible with such factors as water retention and bowel movements in place. However, it is unlikely that you can gain “real weight” within that period.


Healthy weight gain can be simple if only you follow the right plan and stick to the basics.

Eat to satisfaction and avoid unhealthy fats by all means. Intake of healthy calorie-rich foods is vital in your journey to gaining healthy weight that is permanent.

In every serving, include three to four servings of fruits and vegetables, and your dream might be a reality in less than a month.

That simple! – eat more regularly, consider nutrient-rich foods, add some healthy calories, exercise, avoid bad eating habits and there you are.

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