Ghost Whey Protein Review – Is It Good For Fitness?

You might have seen Ghost Whey Protein all over social media. But is it any good?

Christian Guzman, Maxx Chewning, Rob Lipsett, Brooke Evers, and Ally Besse are just among a few influencers that use Ghost Whey protein.

They endorse this fitness supplement and many would think they can achieve their physique with it. Is it true or is this just another type of protein you can overlook?

Ghost Whey Protein - Is It Good For Fitness

Ghost Whey label accuracy

Ghost prides itself on proper label accuracy. There’s nothing spooky about how it lists its ingredients. You won’t find any type of proprietary blends with weird names on the label.

All that use see are pure ingredients and their nutritional breakdown. When you care about health and good food, this is all you need.

A man holding ghost whey protein

Label accuracy is not an issue with leading whey protein supplements in the fitness industry.

However, whey supplements marketed towards other types of users can come with a long list of extra ingredients. This is not the case with Ghost as the brand keeps things simple.

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Grams of protein per scoop

A typical whey protein scoop from Ghost comes with a weight of around 33-35.5 grams. This doesn’t mean you get at least 33 grams of protein. You get around 25 grams of lean whey protein.

You can use this supplement if you don’t get enough protein into your body but you can also use it for extra calories when you try to put on extra muscle.

  • Protein isolate
  • Protein concentrate
  • Hydrolysate protein

The combination of these types of proteins places Ghost right behind the leading brands offering protein isolate-only whey. Sure, those brands are also more expensive. But the combination of different types of protein also means you get the best of all worlds.

The difference between these types of protein is the manufacturing process and the filtering stages. All of them are still made from the same whey source. At the moment, we don’t know where this whey is coming from. Probably Ghost is working with one of the few US producers of whey which also sells it to Ghost competitors.

You can also use the supplement with other Ghost products. You can choose Ghost BCAAs for extra protein intake. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and you can add them before or after training. The same applied to Ghost Whey.

You can mix Ghost Whey with water or milk and consume it before, during, or after your workout. But you can also choose to consume it throughout the day according to what feels comfortable for you.

If you struggle to drink an entire shake of protein at once, you can also sip the supplement throughout the day. It can be one of the simplest methods to keep your protein intake equally distributed throughout the day.

How many calories are there in Ghost Whey Protein?

There are anywhere between 120 and 140 calories in a scoop of Ghost Whey Protein Powder.

ghost whey protein powder facts

The figure fluctuates according to the flavor you choose. This is an average of calories you can get from any brand.

However, you should also know that a couple of these scoops are going to add a lot of extra calories each day. Your quest for extra muscles can shortly become a weight gain problem.

It’s best to monitor your caloric intake needs using an app or simple pen and paper calculations to avoid adding too many calories at once.

If you want to gain lean muscle, you should also look at other foods you consume day in and day out.


Various flavors of ghost whey protein

There are various types of flavors to choose from when supplementing with Ghost Whey Protein. All of them are based on fruits or dessert inspiration.

BlueberryThis protein tastes like blueberry. It’s not dark blue when you mix it with water and it can easily be digested by your body. If you like blueberry, it can be made for you.
MarshmallowIf you like marshmallows but you don’t want to get fat, you can get a Ghost protein power which tastes exactly like marshmallows. You can choose this over other sweet treats that aren’t exactly healthy.
Cinnamon cerealIf you like cinnamon cereals, you won’t feel like you’re drinking whey protein with this flavor. It’s one of the few options which isn’t entirely sweet.
Peanut butterPeanut butter needs no introduction. You can try this flavor when you’re in love with peanuts and when you can drink unflavored protein.
Fruity cereal milkWith a combination of fruits and cereals’ taste, this flavor is one of the modern options from Ghost.
Coffee ice creamCoffee ice cream has a particular taste which is now also offered by this protein supplement. You can enjoy it yourself without actually eating ice cream.

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Are there any vitamins or minerals in Ghost Whey Protein

There are no vitamins in Ghost Whey Protein. However, a scoop of this protein comes with around 140mg of calcium, as it comes from whey.

However, you can’t count on this small amount of calcium to cover your daily needs. A scoop of whey only covers around 10% of your calcium needs.

Men need around 1,200mg of calcium per day while women need around 1,000mg of calcium per day.

Soy and gluten information

There’s no soy or gluten in the protein supplement. If you’re allergic to these ingredients, you should feel confident there are no side effects to protein supplementation. But as with all other supplements, you should stop daily intake if you see any side effects at all.


Is Ghost Whey protein any good?

Ghost Whey protein is proven in its efficiency. You can use it to supplement your daily protein intake which makes this an efficient solution to gain muscle, maintain fitness levels, and even lose body weight without losing muscle mass. This supplement has been endorsed by some of the most popular fitness influencers. You can try the protein yourself on its own or you can use it with other Ghost products such as BCCAAs.

Is whey protein effective?

Whey protein is one of the best sources of protein for quick absorption. Its high availability, low price, and efficiency are what make this type of protein highly efficient. You can make this supplement even more effective by eating the right foods.

Protein supplements aren’t made to replace protein intake directly from foods. You should still eat meat, fish, and dairy products for a normal protein intake. This supplement adds around 25 grams of protein per day on top of your existing intake. It can help build muscle or it can help speed up recovery after a long session at the gym.

Does Ghost protein have creatine?

Ghost protein doesn’t have creatine. But you can add creatine to your scoop of protein. Ghost also makes its creatine supplement available to its customers. This can be one of the best extras to consider for faster muscle recovery and enhanced strength gains.

How long do I need to take Ghost protein?

The recommended period of supplementation differs from case to case. You might need to take this supplement for a few weeks to aid injury recovery time, for example. Others take protein supplements all the time, especially when living an active lifestyle. It’s important to adapt to supplements’ intake just as you would with food.

Will I get fat from Ghost whey protein?

You won’t get fat from Ghost whey protein if you monitor its consumption. If you take multiple scoops per day on top of a regular eating plan, you will eventually get fat as all the extra calories will be stored as fat. But how this protein works can also be different from one case to another.

1 scoop of Ghost Whey is calculated to come with more than 100 calories. This then represents a top option for those who need to bump up their caloric intake to ensure muscle growth. But you still need to watch out for just how many calories you eat per day. This can be calculated depending on current weight, height, gender, and age.


Ghost Whey protein is reliable. Its label is accurate and customers have now been taking it for a long time. All of the benefits of whey protein are already discussed by scientific research and the efficiency of this product is in line with these studies.

At the moment, this version of protein powder is highly popular in the fitness industry for those into weightlifting.

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Protein is essential to most body functions and while most people get sufficient protein from food, it can be extra which helps you reach your fitness goals faster. It may even be a solution solely considered for faster recovery after your intense workouts.

Ghost also runs multiple loyalty programs. You can become a regular customer with regular discounts if you continue ordering your supplements from the brand.

It’s also one of the brands that offer loyalty points for social media shares, so you can check these policies for cheaper whey protein.

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