D-Bal Max Review – Does it Work and is it Safe?

D-Bal Max is a capsule supplement you can use to enhance physical performance. You can take this supplement before your workout to improve protein synthesis as well as to improve your recovery and muscle growing capacity.

Many new users to the world of supplements aren’t sure about how to use it properly. Some even confuse it with anabolic steroids. But D-Bal Max is nothing more than a BCAAs supplement with Tribulus extract.

D Bal Max Review

The main ingredients in D-Bal Max

  • Whey protein concentrate 1500mg
  • Isoleucine 1000mg
  • Valine 1000mg
  • Leucine 25mg
  • Tribulus 25mg
  • Sodium 2.2mg

How to take D-Bal Max?

The supplement is sold in distinct tubes that look like dynamite. Each tube contains 45 capsules. You can purchase it in a month’s supply, a 3 months’ supply, or a 6 months’ supply options. This is up to you but if you know your workouts will be serious in the following months, it’s worth buying more in bulk for better savings.

How to take D-Bal Max

Since it’s a supplement, you can take the capsules as indicated by the manufacturer. There’s no minimum daily dose recommended for its ingredients as a supplement and as a result, it’s simply best to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When to take D-Bal Max?

You can take the supplement before your workout and even after your workout. Many weight loss supplements are made to be taken on an empty stomach. However, it’s best to serve at least one meal before taking D-Bal Max supplements.

When to take D-Bal Max

Proper hydration is also an area of focus since these capsules need water to dissolve. To avoid stomach upset, you should drink at least a glass of water with the pills, similar to any other protein-based supplements.

What’s in D-Bal Max? Safe ingredients list

Many people believe the supplement comes with a stimulant effect, similar to a pre-workout. But this is not entirely the case with D-Bal Max, even if it looks like pure dynamite. More specifically, here are the ingredients it comes with.

BCAA complex

BCAA or brand chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein. You can think of them as very simple protein and they are made from real food such as milk or eggs. BCAAs have multiple proven health benefits, mostly for muscles, joints, skin, and brain health.

In D-Bal Max, BCAAs are added to enhance muscle growth and to decrease serotonin levels. This means the supplement is reliable when it comes to faster recovery, as you don’t want to lie on the couch for days after an intense workout.


This ingredient might sound like an illegal drug, but it’s a plant extract. It comes from the plant of Tribulus. This plant is also sold as a supplement separately and it could be seen as a plus that its already added to your BCAA complex so that you don’t need to purchase it separately.

But who takes Tribulus supplements in the first place? If you’re looking to gain muscle, Tribulus might act as an anabolic enhancer, even as a natural plant extract. However, its results are highly debatable. For some gym-goers, Tribulus does show benefits. For others, it has limited to no benefits at all.

Whey protein concentrate

Whey protein is added to the supplement to feed your muscles even during a workout. This type of protein is known as one that already has all of the essential BCAAs for muscle building. It’s also known as one of the fastest absorbing proteins which makes it a top choice for post-workout supplementation as well.

A few benefits of the D-Bal Max

A few benefits of the D-Bal Max

Proteins and BCAAs have their place in good health and muscle growth. Not all types of protein are the same, of course. But whey protein and amino acids found in D-Bal are normally seen as an extra to a diet that is already balanced and which is the base for any long-term muscle gains. Here are a few benefits of the supplement you might consider before trying it out yourself.

Faster protein synthesis

With an extra BCAAs intake, your muscle recovery after a breakdown during a workout is going to be faster. You can use BCAAs to help your muscles avoid that heavy feeling of soreness.

However, you should not expect this or any other supplement to make wonders in terms of the time and effort needed to build muscle. If you expect it to build muscle within weeks, that’s not the case here. This might be one of the only drawbacks that users associated with such muscle-building supplements. Muscles are neither gain or lost rapidly.

Since it boosts protein synthesis, you should start eating more protein as well. One of the best sources of proteins are meats and fish. Alternatively, you can consider dairy or vegan options such as soy or peas. A steady intake of protein is needed for muscle growth. As with D-Bal Max, you can’t simply eat well for a week and forget to maintain the same caloric intake the following week. You need to stick to a certain food intake objective for a few months to see if and how it changes your muscle structure. Together with the supplement, it can be key for visible muscle growth.

Improved muscle endurance

Fatigue sets in rather fast, even when you train for an hour or less. Delaying muscle fatigue is one of the benefits of D-Bal and you might need it to simply train a bit longer if your workouts are on the short side. It’s not mandatory and you can still build muscle without supplements. But sometimes it helps to simply have that boost which makes you train better and even more efficiently as you begin to organize your workout goals a bit better.

As most benefits of supplements, you also need to know D-Bal Max has limited positive aspects if your diet isn’t right. This is very applicable to muscle endurance. Simply put, if you don’t eat enough you’ll struggle to improve muscle endurance, even if you supplement with D-Bal Max.

A boost in natural testosterone levels

Tribulus extract in the supplement is known for promoting naturally-occurring testosterone and IGF-1 growth factor. It might be one of the ingredients to rely on when it comes to natural hormone boosting and legal testosterone boosters are all sourced naturally.

ATP or cell-level energy can also be enhanced by the supplement. This is the main reason it can be considered if you want to boost the overall energy level of your body, unlike with a stimulant such as coffee which only gives you a short boost.

Is D-Bal Max legit?

The supplement is made in the US in FDA-approved facilities. Its formula has been developed by nutrition experts and even if it’s made in third-party factories, it’s still a safe product. Most supplements are made in such facilities anyways.

Side effects are rare to non-existent with such supplements. If you see any side effects, you should stop using it altogether. Most users report good progress in muscle growth with no side effects. Since it comes in capsules and not a powdered form, you can also take it with you while away from home for continuous supplementation and maximum muscle growth even when you’re training away from home.

This is how you make most gains using D-Bal Max

make most gains using D-Bal Max

D-Bal Max is a powerful supplement and its ingredients have been proven as beneficial. However, its exact doses haven’t got any proven results and it represents one of the areas which you may need to adjust yourself. This being said, here are a few tips you can apply today to boost the supplement’s benefits.

Lift heavy

Muscle is the byproduct of strength. You need more muscle as you gain strength to life heavy. This is why you should consider upping your weights even by a small percentage. It’s these new stimuli that signals your muscles need to adapt to the heavier load.

You should avoid going too heavy as well. A small 5% weight increase on your major exercises such as squats and bench press should be a good start. There’s no point in adding 30% more weight if your form is not going to be proper and you’ll fail to build muscle with a high risk of also injuring yourself.

Boost your protein intake

The overall protein intake is going to be different depending on your gender, age, height, and daily activity level. But muscle gain is impossible without a boost of protein intake. Since proteins feed muscles, you need to find the time to prepare your meals, especially those high in protein sources such as chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Drink plenty of water

One of the areas where many lifters fail is in water intake. You can choose to supplement with D-Bal Max for months but without plenty of water, the digestive system will fail to break it down properly.

You should avoid simply drinking plenty of water before taking the supplement and limiting hydration for the rest of the day. Large muscles need plenty of water and you should make an effort to drink plain water throughout the day.

Organize your sleeping time

Muscle doesn’t grow in the gym, it grows when you’re sleeping. While muscle tissue breakdown happens in the gym, you need plenty of rest to see growth. When you start using supplements such as D-Bal Max, you need to sleep more for enhanced recovery.

You can only buy D-Bal Max on the official website

If you’ve decided to purchase the supplement, you need to know you won’t find it in any retail locations. It’s only available on the manufacturer’s website which means you need to place a direct order.

Two shopping policies make this a good idea, especially in times when many physical stores are closing. The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. Furthermore, the brand also offers free shipping so that you won’t feel you’re paying more when compared to purchasing your supplements from a physical store.

Should you buy D-Bal Max or another supplement?

Almost all supplements have an alternative and this is certainly the case with D-Bal Max. However, we’re going to look at its alternatives to see why they’re not at the same reliability level.

CrazyBulk D-Bal

CrazyBulk made D-Bal as a natural alternative to Methandrostenolone or Dianabol. It also uses Tribulus extracts but it also comes with added ingredients such as ashwagandha and Suma root extracts. There are reasons to believe these ingredients have a role in boosting testosterone. However, there’s also an indication ashwagandha can induce sleepiness, which can be an issue with long-term supplementation.


CrazyBulk made Trenorol offer a safer alternative to Trenbolone, one of the strongest steroids for muscle building. Its role is to help muscles retain more nitrogen. As a result, you can enjoy your ‘workout pump’ for a few more days. However, its long-term benefits are debatable. At some point, the stimuli of a new ingredient will wear off and you’ll have to cancel the supplement as you won’t see any gains. By contrast, BCAAs and protein are always needed for muscle maintenance and muscle growth.


Metandienone is sold as Dianabol. It’s a type of anabolic steroid. Like any steroid, it can work, but with considerable side effects. Women on Dianabol tend to show signs of masculinization such as having a deeper voice.

The drug is illegal in sports. If you want to compete at pro-level either as a bodybuilder, CrossFitter or as any other athlete, you will be disqualified for using Dianabol.

Final considerations

Without a doubt, D-Bal Max is one of the best supplements in its class for the quality and usefulness of its ingredients. BCAAS, whey protein, and Tribulus extracts might help you break your muscle gaining plateau.

Since you’re buying it directly from the manufacturer, you can also expect a fair price by cutting out the middle man. The supplement shows its best benefits after a few months and you’ll need to use it continuously to see if and how it benefits your muscle-building efforts.

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