Our Confidence vs. Merax Vibration Machine Comparison for 2018

Fitness is one of the most popular topics on the internet today. Most people want to be physically fit so that they can enjoy better health and wellness. This undying passion for fitness has led to the emergence of several fitness machines and devices; one of such machines is Vibration machine.

Vibration machine is a fitness device that is commonly used by celebrities and athletes that want to lose weight and build their muscles. One of the reasons why this fitness device is becoming a perfect choice for people is the fact that it provides vibration therapy which is tantamount to spending an hour in the gym undergoing traditional training.

The most interesting aspect of this fitness machine is the fact that it can be used by anybody irrespective of their physical condition. When this device is working with the right frequency, it tightens the muscles through stretch reflexes.

The vibration plate goes beyond fitness, it also helps to produce hormones that repair and revitalize cells. Also, it enhances blood circulation in the muscle as well as reinforcing bone tissues. When used frequently, it helps to promote the drainage of lymph nodes and increase the metabolic rate. People that use this fitness device generally have more strength, flexibility, speed, stamina and quick post-workout recovery.

Over time, there have been several brands of Vibration machine and we are going to compare two of the most popular brands – Confidence and Merax Vibration Machine.

Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine

Confidence fitness vibration machine is an innovative fitness device that is tailored towards working on weight loss as well as building the body muscles. It is an excellent investment for people that are passionate about building their muscles without undergoing the stress of the traditional gym.

Using this machine for about ten to twenty minutes a day for two or three times a week can make a big difference regarding your appearance and feel. Most of the reviews online about this vibration machine is that the machine exceeds their expectation by performing beyond what the manufacturers claim about it.

Confidence Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Key Features

Confidence fitness vibration machine has certain features that make it unique; some of these features are:

  • Multiple settings: Confidence fitness vibration machine has different settings that enable users to go slow or fast as they wish. In other words, they can set the speed to fit their own needs. However, it is strongly recommended for beginners and people with joint issues to go slow.
  • Yoga straps: Confidence fitness vibration machine has yoga strap that makes it easy for you to carry out a workout on your upper body as well as your arms.
  • Built-in program: This machine is uniquely designed with built-in programs that will make the training more interesting. It also has heart rate monitor that constantly checks the rate of heartbeat during training.
  • User-Friendly display: The machine is user-friendly and you don’t need to be experienced to be able to use it.

Benefits of using Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine:


  • It allows the users to either stand or lay during weight-bearing exercise.
  • It has a yoga gear that makes it easy for the machine to work the arms and the upper body.
  • For those using the machine for the first time, it has preprogrammed exercises that give guidance to users until they are able to learn exercises on their own.


  • The major complain that users of this machine are making is the fact that the manufacturers didn’t give a detail explanation on how the various settings work.

Merax Vibration Machine

This is another amazing and results-oriented vibration machine that is perfect for people that want to speed up metabolism and reduce cellulite. It promotes calorie burning and best shot for spot training. The fact that it is highly durable, lightweight, and easy to use makes it a perfect choice for vibration machine. Some of the unique features of this vibration machine are;

  • Multiple Programs: Merax vibration machine is designed with multiple preset programs and each of these programs has different benefits to the users.
  • Durability: This vibration machine is compact and stable, it uses ABS materials which are safe for environmental use as well as withstanding the pressure of prolonged used.
  • Technical Advances: It is designed with new technological features like; Operation of the LCD screen with the push of a button, and ability to synchronize the machine with your tablet and phone. This will enable you to listen to music or watch short movies as you exercise.
  • Yoga strap: This vibration machine has yoga strap that helps to improve metabolism. The hand position of the yoga strap can be a switch so as to target different muscles in the upper body, making users be stronger.

Merax Vibration Machine

Should You Buy a Confidence or a Merax Vibration Machine?

Carrying out a critical analysis of these two vibration machines, it can be deduced that they are different in the areas of design, dimensions, motions, programs, speed settings and endurance. These are areas that buyers look at when they want to make the purchase decision between Confidence and Merax Vibration machine.

Generally, there are three things you have to consider before you make your final decision; these are space, budget, and goal.

Space: Buyers of the vibrating machine always consider the space of their home before they decide the brand they are going for. Some are large while others are portable and will not take much space. Consider your space and decide the one you are going for.

Budget: Also consider your budget and ensure that you are going for a vibration machine that you can afford.

Goals: Consider the reason for which you are buying the vibration machine and get the one that perfectly fits your need. For instance, if you want to work on your arms and upper part of your body, you will have to get a machine with a yoga strap.

Though these two vibration machines both worth the money, I prefer Confidence because of the fact that it has more precise motions and allows for more customization.


Hey there, I'm Chris Jordan! I'm a certified personal trainer and dietician with over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry. I've helped thousands of people achieve better physical and mental health. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my dog.