How to Get Body Beast Results In 90 days

Body Beast results normally take at least 90 days to show.

A full cycle of this training program lasts 3 months and you will learn the basics of training in this interval. However, some of the best fitness results are reported in the second and third cycles of Body Beast.

You can start a new 90 training cycle to take your fitness level further.

How to Get Body Beast Results In 90 days

What is Body Beast?

Body Beast is a physical training program with a nutritional supplement in the form of workout videos and a printed nutritional guide. The aim of Body Beast training is to help you get and stay in shape while training at home.

This program uses resistance training and it’s completely different from the bodyweight-only programs you might have considered before. Made for those who love to train for short periods daily, Body Beast becomes one of the most interesting programs sweat and effort that pays off.

What is Body Beast

You use different weights (see the following section) to become fit with Body Beast. This is among the most interesting aspects of training variation as you can use these weights for multiple exercises. Cardio training is kept to a minimum and even when training with weights, Body Beast is known for lowering body fat levels while increasing muscle size.

Body Beast summary

  • Trainer – Sagi Kalev
  • Language – English & Spanish
  • Workout length – 11-49min
  • Simpler exercise alternatives – yes
  • Number of workout days per week – 6 days


3 benefits you expect in terms of Body Beast results?

It’s not always easy to train at home and to see results. This is why following a detailed training and nutrition plan (offered by Body Beast) is the right choice when you’re just starting out with training and getting in shape.

A typical 90-day Body Beast workout schedule has been positively reviewed by its fans as representative of the following benefits.

Better muscular definition

One of the main benefits of this program is muscle size gain and definition.

Body Beast better muscular definition

Muscles are essential in every physical task we do each day. If you don’t work your muscles, you tend to lose them with age.

This program is razor-sharp (some workouts are only 15 minutes long) but it is what’s needed to gain healthy muscle.

Enhanced cardiovascular health

Body Beast is known for its short pauses between exercises. Guided training videos recommend short rest periods that maintain an elevated heart rate and which are also helpful in burning excess calories.

An understanding of what healthy eating is

A typical workout program can neglect the nutrition part of your life. Body Beast includes information on nutrition and it even tells you what to eat so that you can see results in at least 90 days.


Does Body Beast work? Check out its proven results

Body Beast can show incredible results if you’re a dedicated person. It has its ups and downs like all training programs but it certainly works for many people who train at home.

Body Beast results in strength

One of the people training under the Body Beast plan recalls the personal 90-day journey to an appealing physique. According to this man, the main results of this training program were visible in the strength gains.

From the capacity to do zero pull-ups to doing a few pull-ups, the strength gains became visible. The weight of the dumbbells also increased as the workouts progress.

Strength is an important element of muscle gain. The best part is you can objectively measure your Body Beast strength gains. Printable progression and workout charts are helpful here. User reviews show strength gains are visible even after a short period of 90 days of training.

Body Beast improves muscular physique definition

Gaining muscle is one of the main objectives of this program. Muscle is typically gained slower. A Body Beast user recalls how this process developed on a personal level. Initial muscle gains are fast and they can be seen in the mirror even without measurements.

You can get larger muscles with weight training through Body Beast. Larger back muscles, larger arms, larger legs, and a defined core are the main areas of progress. Body fat is also burned efficiently in this program since the rest intervals between exercises are rather short.

As a result, you will start to see your abs, which isn’t always the case when you’re high in body fat.

Body Beast improves stamina and physical endurance

A Body Beast review shows how physical endurance has changed even within 90 days. Simple tasks such as walking medium or long distances could be troublesome.

This user used to suffer from extreme fatigue and shortness of breath when walking. These symptoms diminished after a few weeks of training and applying the nutrition principles of the training program.


What equipment you need to train with Body Beast

All Body Beast workouts are based on free weights. These are meant for all of those looking to gain muscle and get efficient at working multiple muscles in the same exercise.

  • Dumbbells

Body Beast and Dumbbells

You can’t join Body Beast without a few sets of dumbbells. Ideally, you need to have dumbbells of various weights to cover all types of exercises and even to cover your progress through the exercises. In time, you will also get stronger and you’ll need to use heavier weights to get your muscles fully activated.

When training at home, adjustable dumbbells can be a good idea. But since Body Beast is a fast-moving training program, you should invest in fixed weight dumbbells to have a quick progression from one exercise to another.

Fixed weights dumbbells can work just fine for your workouts but they take up a lot of space. Alternatively, you can consider adjustable weight dumbbells for your Body Beast workouts. Powerblock adjustable dumbbells can work well for adding and removing weight without the extra space requirements of fixed weight dumbbells.

  • EZ bars

EZ bars allow you to load more weight for certain exercises. Bicep curls are among them together with rowing exercises for your back or seated triceps extensions. When you purchase an EZ bar, you also need a few weight plate sets to increase resistance.

The benefits of using an EZ bar include a more natural grip position with reduced wrist pressure as well as the ability to exercise with extra weight as needed. EZ bars can be used to train biceps but you can also activate this muscle group by doing close-grip pull-ups on a pull-up bar such as the Rogue Fitness Pull Up Bar that attaches to a wall for extra stability.

  • Resistance bands

If you can’t afford free weights at the moment, you can also perform Body Beast workouts with resistance bands. Affordable and also efficient, resistance bands offer one of the best solutions when it comes to the overall versatility of your workouts on a budget.

Since you’re just starting out with home training, you might not have all the dumbbells and EZ bars you see at the gym. But you can start with a few different resistance bands which you can use from a standing position while sitting, or while anchored in a higher point such as a door.

The X3 Bar Elite can be used for some of the exercises on this program as they come with multiple resistance bands. For example, you can use the X3 Bar for biceps curls or back rows instead of using dumbbells.

  • Workout bench

A workout bench is seen in Body Beast training splits. The truth is that a good workout bench is almost impossible to replace. You can find adjustable workout benches at various prices and you can use them for chest, biceps, triceps, and even for leg exercises.


  • Stability ball

Stability balls are used for exercises that engage your core. This is ideal when you want to see a more defined abdominals section. Some of the exercises on Body Beast programs recommend stability balls and dumbbells. Large Perform Better Medicine Balls can also be used for stability on exercises such as abs or dumbbells chest flies.

  • Jumping mat

A simple workout mat is also needed for many of your workouts. You buy these for extra comfort as well as to protect the floors in your home against the slamming of the weights.

Discuss the common equipment needed and mention the representative products you have written before.


Body Beast Build workout basics

The easiest way to follow Body Beast workouts is by watching the DVDs. You can also use the Body Beast workout sheets. These sheets can be used for all types of workout data such as rep count or selected weight. Before you do the same workout again, you can check your previous results for the ultimate muscle growth.

One of the first results of Body Beast workouts is they build endurance. These workouts can be used for different fitness purposes. Build, Block, and Beast are the 3 main Boby Beast workout plans.

Bulk your way to muscles – Body Beast Bulk

Starting off your Body Beast program, you will be entering the first 3 weeks of your program. This aims to be a foundational stage of your training routine. It can be seen as an opportunity to get into fitness and a time to learn proper movements for each exercise.

Body Beast Bulk Workout Schedule

This plan is based on 6 days of training and 1 off day. Rather intense for newbies, it is the building block of all Body Beast workouts. At this stage, you should measure your body fat. You can do this with a home smart scale. You can also take a picture in the mirror so you can see the physical progress you made during these weeks.

All training days of this program are based on proper muscle combinations with the exception of legs which are trained separately. Legs are made of the largest muscles in the body and this is why you will train them separately. Otherwise, you will see workout days such as chest-triceps or chest-biceps during these initial training weeks.

This is how you build endurance with Body Beast Build

This period is where you start to hit every muscle hard. All training days focus on a single muscle group. Some call it a classic training split. But what’s important is that you get to activate your muscles properly under heavy loads.

With heavier dumbbells and heavier EZ bar loads, you can use the 5 weeks of training in this second stage as the perfect opportunity to maximize strength gains. Cardio sessions are also inserted here on occasion. You can use these sessions as active recovery workouts or as the best opportunity to burn fat. As the first stage of the training programs, even these 5 weeks of training are marked by intense frequent workouts 6 times per week with only 1 rest day.

Become the ultimate workout beats – Beast Body Beast

The final 4 weeks of Body Beast are dedicated to mixed workouts where you combine multiple muscle groups for the ultimate fitness and the ultimate body. Pushing muscles such as the chest and the triceps are worked on the same day. Pulling muscles such as the back and the biceps are worked together. Legs, abs, and cardio are distinct workout days.

It’s the best time to get into this rotational training system for maximum effort. You don’t get rest days with the exception of Sunday and you then get to work your muscles hard every day.

While this is the true Beast of the program, it also incorporates occasional cardio training. You can take the opportunity to learn more about how to maximize your results with more muscle with this workout. But when you’re done with this stage of the program, you don’t repeat it again to perpetuity. You need to start Body Beast workouts from stage 1 again which adds the workout variation you need for the ultimate results.

Body Beast sheets – how to keep track of your workout schedule

Printed workout sheets make all of these training sessions easier. From single set to 16 sets, 12 sets, and 8 sets, you can find the right repetitions and weight for each move you do. All of these movements can be noted down so that the next time (typically weeks) you do the same workout, you can increase the weight a little bit for progressive overload or to simply ensure you’re on the right track to build muscles.

On the other hand, all of these workout sheets can be a bit complicated to start using. You might even feel like you’re wasting time. But user reviews show using Body Beast workout sheets is the closest thing to working with a personal trainer as all of the work is written down.


Body Beast for women – does it work?

Most women believe they need to do excessive cardio for the right physique size. But you don’t need to run on the treadmill for hours to see a good physique. There are plenty of good Body Beast reviews where women described how they used weights of up to 25lbs to get in shape.

Sure, using weights can be new to a woman. But this type of training is not gendered specific and you can perform all of the Body Beast workouts with lighter weights yourself.

Most women are scared of bulking. But excessive bulking doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of years of training and proper eating. This means you won’t bulk. Instead, you will get fit, you will get muscle definition, you’ll improve your strength gains and you will have better posture.

One of the most overlooked aspects of women’s training is the aspect of posture. Even using the smallest weights will train you on how to properly stand and sit to avoid injuries. Eventually, you will start to see a better overall posture, not just when standing.

But most women say this program is mainly beneficial to them as it can be followed at home. You don’t have to drive an hour to the gym and an hour back just to get in shape. Instead, you can simply enjoy all of your workouts.


Body Beast Meal Plan Tips

Body Beast doesn’t recommend the classic diet but it recommends a lifestyle with healthy eating.

You will need to get rid of all of your processed foods and drinks such as sodas. You need to replace them with protein-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables.

The materials of the program recommend eating by portion. You will learn what an oatmeal portion or serving is and you will start to track your foods to fuel your beast body.

Body Beast Meal Plan Tips

You can expect to eat around 6 small meals throughout the day instead of consuming 3 large meals.

BreakfastYou can start your day with protein pancakes. The first snack of the day can be an apple or a serving of almonds. Alternatively, you can consider Greek yogurt for its high protein content.
LunchTurkey meatballs with a sweet potato can be your lunch.
DinnerA high-protein shake can be served before dinner. Chicken with asparagus can be your dinner meal. If you’re still hungry, you can consume 2-3 eggs before going to bed.


Workout plans and alternatives to Body Beast

There are many good fitness programs to follow at home. Here’s how they compare to Body Beast.


P90X is a popular training program designed to make you lean. It was developed by Tony Horton, a world-class fitness legend (Sagi Kalev who invented Body Beas). However, P90x is mainly focused on bodyweight exercises.

In terms of results, you can expect to have a more functional body due to the functional exercises you perform with your P90X program. Body Beast is made for huge muscle gains and you can’t expect your body to be good at everything at the end of it but rather to see considerable muscle gains.

Body Beast vs P90X3

P90X3 is the advanced version of P90X. It comes with shorter warm-up and cool-down intervals. But at the same time, P90X is a bit more similar to Body Beast than the original P90X. However, none of its versions are as good for building muscle.

LIIFT4 Workout

LIIFT4 Workouts are similar in length to Body Beast workouts (from 23 to 43 minutes). However, LIFT 4 gets its name from workout frequency which is only 4 times per week as opposed to the 6 times per week of Body Beast. It’s geared towards the general public more than Body Beast that’s programmed for the ultimate fitness journey and maximum muscle gain.

Body Beast is beneficial to your health

Did you know that strong muscles are good for your health? Many still believe these training programs are just about how you look. But strong leg and back muscles are beneficial to your posture. Proper warm-up and cardiovascular training are also added to these muscle-building programs so that you build better health. Body Beast is seen as a complete training plan that makes you really good at certain exercises.



Does Body Beast Really work?

Body Beast shows the first fitness results within weeks of training. The minimum recommended training period is 90 days. However, you can certainly train more and train efficiently to get in shape and to stay in shape. The program is beneficial to both men and women. Among the first signs of it working we find larger arms, chiseled abs, and a larger chest. However, you can control the amount of muscle you put on by lowering or adding more weight to your exercises.

Is Body Beast good for weight loss?

Body Beast is beneficial for weight loss, particularly for body fat weight loss. But since you’ll be eating plenty of protein, you won’t lose muscle mass. This program is mainly made for muscle mass gains and it’s less efficient for weight loss.

Body Beast vs P90X – which is better?

Body Beast is seen as the ultimate muscle-building workout plan. P90X centers its objectives on a functional body and less intense workouts for muscle gains but higher cardiovascular intensity. P90X can be more beneficial for weight loss.

What equipment do I need for Body Beast 2?

Body Beast 2 requires dumbbells, a pull-up bar, an EZ bar, a workout bench or alternative resistance bands, and a large exercise ball if you don’t want to invest in heavy weights.

What Body Beast results can I expect?

You can expect higher muscle mass and a change of physique under Body Beast. Your waist will get smaller and your shoulders will get broader. Arms and legs are also going to look more muscular. You can expect to start looking like a bodybuilder on this program.

Is there a Body Beast workout schedule to follow?

All of the workout plans of Body Beast are based on a schedule. The program is split into 3 stages and you progress to another stage daily as every day comes with a new workout.

The workouts are non-repetitive in nature until day 90. At the end of the 90 days, you can start Body Beast all over and you can increase weights. It’s a mistake to start the program again and to lower your weight. You need to keep progressing with the weights to get to that ultimate beast body.

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